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World of Warcraft players are beginning to receive the Wandering Ancient

In September last year, Blizzard asked World of Warcraft players to vote on a new mount that would be gifted for free to all players with Shadowlands active on their accounts. Players overwhelmingly voted for the Wandering Ancient--a big old walking tree you can ride on top of--and now it's available in-game for eligible players.

The most important criteria for receiving the mount is to have a Shadowlands license on your account; if you’ve only purchased the base game in order to play WoW Classic, you are not eligible to receive it. Also note that even if you have a Shadowlands license on your account, you will not be able to unlock or use the mount in Classic.

To guarantee a level of authenticity, Blizzard referenced back at the Ancients already featured in the game and World of Warcraft lore. So it went in, drawing inspiration from decades-old animation, and crafted a mount that they felt was a worthy blend of nostalgia and innovation. As an added twist, the Wandering Ancient's color scheme changes with the seasons. In winter, players can expect their mount to sport frozen branches and a chilly white palette. In the fall, the Wandering Ancient will fade into a sunburst of amber-colored leaves.

It is described by Blizzard over on the game's official website as follows:

    Not all ancients are interested in war or lore, some just want to travel the world! This arboreal nomad has traveled to many places and with each passing season embraces change, both in scenery and in the foliage atop its branches.

Players with Shadowlands will find the Wandering Ancient in their Mount Collection tab. If you don't have Shadowlands yet don't worry, you'll be gifted the Wandering Ancient mount even if you purchase it at a later date.

For players that are currently not subbed, you still have access to unlock it. Just open the retail game and log in to any level 20 or lower character — it doesn’t matter if the character has learned riding skills yet — and follow the same instructions. If you don’t have a low level character, you can simply create a new one.

The Wandering Ancient is just one of the first of many in a wave of upcoming releases. Whether players voted for the Wandering Ancient or not, they will inevitably find a suitable option. The Chains of Domination update in World of Warcraft will see the introduction of a whole host of new flying mounts specific to each covenant. These will include the Flying Centurion for Kyrian, Wolf Serpent for Night Fae, Giant Corpsefly for Necrolords, and Stoneborn Brutes for the Venthyr. With no shortage of upcoming content, players will have a surplus of stylish mounts to ride into battle on.

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