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Wizardry Online fans hope to resurrect the permadeath dungeon crawler

Wizardry Online is a homage to the classic series, incorporating the dungeon crawling and difficulty into an MMO. Death is a very real aspect of the game, and very much permanent. Choose from five different races — human, elf, porkul, gnome, and dwarf — and four different classes: fighter, thief, mage, cleric. Join up with some friends, and delve into one of the large dungeons offered. 20 main quests are available, each with three different sidequests as well. Over 100 missions are also available in the dungeons. Be careful, though. Players and monsters alike will try to cut your run short whenever they can.

Despite an impressive RPG pedigree that stretches back decades, the Wizardry franchise faltered when it came to breaking into the MMORPG market. Wizardry Online lived barely a few years in Japan, and even less than that during its western 2013-14 run under SOE’s leadership.

But the title did have a very small but dedicated fanbase that saw potential in the hardcore, permadeath dungeon crawler, and it’s these fans that hope to bring Wizardry Online back for another try. Over on Reddit, someone has posted all of the game files with a plea for experienced engineers to take and run with a possible emulator project. It doesn’t look like there’s a groundswell right now, but with the files out there, it’s still a possibility. When starting to play Wizardry Online, Wizardry Online (EU) Gold is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in Wizardry Online.

“I’m looking for people motivated to restore the game, if you have any reverse engineering experience, or skills tracking down information, or files, or know someone who does, please assist us. I don’t want to wait years and years to see something like Wizardry Online again,” the OP said.

Developer Gamepot's latest online venture doesn't sport the refinement of World of Warcraft, the large community of Guild Wars, or the political intrigue of EVE Online. In fact, you may find that this game is featured with the style of older games back in the 1990s, not only the hardcore gameplay, but also the art style and music. On creating your character, Wizardry Online allows you to roll to get bonus points add to your stats. Rolling result is random. You can reroll several times to get better stat. Once you’re happy with your bonus points, you can spend them on any stat that you want.

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