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Where to Find Jobberknolls in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the Hogwarts legacy's catchable monsters and one of the first species that witches and wizards encounter is the jobberknoll. The two monsters are Nab-Sack and Loom, and they may be found roaming the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. However, they cannot be captured unless the player unlocks the Room of Requirement, attends a Beast Lesson with Professor Howin, and speaks with Dick about beginning his quest "The Elves." In addition to having adequate Hogwarts Legacy Boosting Service prepared, this article will explain where to find Jobberknolls in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where to find Jobberknoll Dens

The claw symbols scattered throughout the landscape can be used to determine the location of this bird's nest, as they can with any other magical creature in the game. These symbols, however, do not necessarily refer to this silent bird; they can just suggest that there are monsters nearby. Fortunately, we are aware of some of their hiding locations.


The Feldcroft Area, which you travel to as part of the Sebastian Sallow In the Shadow of the Estate quest, is home to Jobberknolls' lair. North of the Irondale village is where the lair is situated. The player must search for the creature in the trees and keep as quiet as possible because it is a sneaky animal.


South of Hogwarts and west of Irondale, in a large tree beside the river, there is another lair. The Irondale Floo Flame is the quickest route there. Look for Jobberknoll that are just cooling off underneath under trees because it is always simpler to catch them on the ground than in flight.



 Rescue the Jobberknolls and get the Jobberknoll Feather

To obtain these feathers, players must first rescue and capture the beast, the specific steps are as follows:


Prior to catching these creatures, players must finish the main quest "Elves, Bags, and Looms."

Go over to the spot where Jobberknolls spawn.

Be careful not to disturb the beast as you creep up on it. The Disillusionment Charm comes highly recommended.

Pull out the Nab-sack, then click the two buttons to begin the capture.

You can always use your Levioso or Arresto Momentum spells to buy yourself some time. Also, locate the unique Shiny Jobberknoll, which is light gray with white highlights.

Next, proceed to the Room of Requirement's zoo.

Make sure to feed and brush the Jobberknolls after releasing them.

The player receives five Jobberknoll feathers for doing so, which they can keep and use.


Before to collecting Jobberknolls, make sure to empty your inventory. Also, players have the choice to sell them at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade for 120 Galleons apiece or release them into the wild if they so want. In-game Hogwarts Legacy Data Boosting is available for purchase by players to assist in locating Jobberknolls.

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