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Where to Find and Catch Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy

Without all the creatures that call Hogwarts home, it wouldn't be Hogwarts. There also live creatures in addition to students, teachers, and adversaries like goblins and poachers. Thestrals rate among the most difficult creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. They are not only quickly frightened, but they can also fly, making it difficult to guide them into your Nab-Sack. Players can prepare enough Hogwarts Legacy Account in the game to aid in the capturing of Thestrals by following the instructions in this article.

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Thestrals location in Hogwarts Legacy

As thestrals can fly, the trick to catching them is to keep them stationary for long enough to cycle through the five button prompts necessary to drag them into the Nab-Sack. The North Ford Bog, which is north of Hogwarts Castle, is where players can locate Thestrals with the most ease. The North Ford Bog is home to several Merlin Trials, and if players learned how to raise animals by assisting the house-elf Deek in the mission The Foal of the Dead, they may have been to this creature's hideout. On the eastern side of Lake Marunweem, far to the south, is another Thestral lair. These two places are where the players can hunt down and capture thestrals.


Two Thestrals must be captured in order to finish the "Dead Horse" quest, although it can be difficult to locate them because they are such an uncommon animal. There are only two Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy, and players could prefer to go to one of them rather than the other.


How to Catch Thestrals

Players should employ the Banishing Charm, which enables them to approach the herd without frightening the Night Owls, in order to effectively capture Night Owls. Most monsters will be able to escape without stealth before the player can nab them with the Nab-Sack. The player can then render the Thestral immobile by casting spells like Arresto Momentum, Glacius, and Levioso before using the Nab-Sack.


Players can release a captured Night Owl into their Room of Requirement, where it will feed and groom itself while producing Night Owl Fur. In the Hogwarts Legacy, a rare resource called thestral hair can be used to enhance specific pieces of gear, giving players one more reason to hunt down and seize these eerie yet strangely alluring creatures.


That is all there is to know about Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy, including where to find them and how to catch them. To aid in the capturing of Thestrals, players can acquire affordable Hogwarts Legacy Account in-game.

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