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What time does the Keqing banner come out in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a huge roster. It's often expanding as new characters are made playable and added to the game via event banners like Xiao and Ganyu. But sometimes the game needs you to slow your roll and appreciate what's already available. For the second banner in version 1.3, there isn't a new five-star character to fawn over instead Keqing, who has been in the game since launch, has been given the spotlight. Is this old reliable worth your Primogems?

What time does the Keqing banner come out in Genshin Impact?
The Keqing banner will come out and release in Genshin Impact on February 17th at 18:00 server time.

While the Keqing banner will come out at the above release time, it will then swiftly end on March 2nd.

This means the spotlight will only last on the purple-haired female for 14 days, where it could then possibly be replaced by Hu Tao if rumours are to be believed.

Is Keqing Worth Pulling Wishes On?
Keqing is a powerful character and players love her for her ability to produce quick, massive and consistent damage. However, unlike other characters featured in "Genshin Impact," she is always available in banners. Keqing might not be the character worth pulling Wishes on if players want to obtain a limited character. But for players who do not yet have a good DPS, Keqing is just the character that they need.

Weapon Banner
Epitome Invocation, the limited-time weapon banner, is available with the release of Update 1.3. It features the Primordial Jade Winged-spear, a Polearm and Primordial Jade Cutter that is a sword. These are exclusive five-star weapons.

There are also four-star weapons featured in the weapon banner, such as Eye of Perception (Catalyst), Sacrificial Greatsword (Claymore), Favonious Lance (Polearm), Rust (Bow) and The Flute (Sword). These weapons get boosted rates on the same banner.

The three 4-star characters who are going to be featured in the Dance of Lanterns banner with the 5-star character "Driving Thunder" Keqing (Electro) are "Shining Idol" Barbara (Hydro), "Trial by Fire" Bennet (Pyro), and "Eclipse Star" Ningguang (Geo).

Is Keqing a good character in Genshin Impact?
Keqing is a great character in Genshin Impact. She deals quite a bit of damage. Her raw damage output and Area-of-Effect (AoE) attacks can efficiently terminate any group of foes. In terms of raw power, it's tough to top Keqing. She can become an excellent addition to any team. If you pair her with a Hydro, Pyro, or Cryo character, Keqing will shine as the interactions only make her stronger.

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