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We discuss how to heal and revive a mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected

It's not just the Summon Necromancer or the Beastmaster Druid that gets to play with a companion in Diablo 2: Resurrected. After completing the game, players will be given four mercenary selections to fight alongside them. They'll always be active and around, helpful even if all they do is follow the character around and fire off a couple of shots.

Knowing how to heal and revive a mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected lets you keep the same partner throughout the game. It is inevitable a time will come when your companion needs healing or even takes a fall. Despite being a work-for-hire, you may have become attached to them or value their skills. In addition, they may also have important equipment on them you don’t want to lose. Read on as we discuss how to heal and revive a mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Mercenaries
The Mercenaries have been changed a lot in Diablo II Resurrected when compared to the original game.

You can hire these mercenaries to aid you in battle by equipping them with decent gear like helmets, weapons, and other gear items. Mercs can also inherit the same character bonuses you have on your main character.

How to Get Mercenaries in Diablo 2
While there are no hirelings in act IV, Tyrael does provide resurrection services. You’ll also notice that you’ll need to finish certain questlines before having access to even hiring mercenaries, though that isn’t always the case.

It is important to note that each mercenary group comes with its own specialties. For example, the Iron Wolves are great spellcasters and the Barbarians are excellent at close-range combat.

Best Mercenary?
While there is some room for opinion, it's generally accepted that most builds will make the best use of the Desert Mercenary thanks to their auras. The other three mercenaries seem to focus more on damage, but because of their item limitations, their damage should probably be secondary to the character's damage.

 There are exceptions, of course, for players that play tanks, the additional damage from the Rogue or the Iron Wolf just barely edges out the Desert Mercenary. But, generally speaking, all S-tier guides utilize the Desert Mercenary and it's generally accepted as the best of the bunch.

How to Revive Mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected
If your mercenary dies, you may want to bring them back to life. This can be done by talking to certain NPC characters in each act who will perform a revive for you. The people you need are the following:

    Kashya in Act I
    Greiz in Act II
    Asheara in Act III
    Tyreal in Act IV
    Qual-Kehk in Act V

Consider your resurrections carefully. You must pay a large sum of up to 50,000 gold to do this. The higher the merc level, the more expensive it will be. This means you may also find that it offers diminishing returns. Cheaper alternatives may be to hire a new mercenary of a similar or higher level.

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