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Unbelievable NHL 18 Basic Tips & Knacks

Hello everyone, it’s time for us update another EA NHL 18 guides. As the title indicated, this guide will be mainly focused on Basic tips and tricks, however, vet gamers may learn something from it too. Now weather’s getting colder and colder outdoor, many rivers frozen enough for an ice hockey match, most common in high latitude countries such as Canada. If you’re fear of the chill temperature, you can play the game on PS4 or Xbox One at home online with your friends! Let’s start the awesome guide from here.

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Positioning Tips

Try to get close to the center of the rink. Trust your limbs to make the saves. If the puck gets in close and at a sharp angle, then you'll need to be more aware of your angles. In general you don't need to be as aggressive as goalie in real-life NHL one, most often when your depth should be the middle of the crease with an exception around here.

Player Rating

Player Rating isn’t so important when in beginning stage, because you’ve not enough coins to sign an elite player, and to transfer your players too often will be a great waste unless you spend a lot of time staring on the screen every day. Just stock your coins for 75-80 rated players when you start the game. Once your squad overall rating reaches 75 or even higher. You can stock and bid for a legend.

Focus on player features high speed, it’s dominate the rink. No matter how well a player’s crossing or dribbling ability is, he even cannot touch the puck when facing a faster opponent, and that’s a real tragedy. Speed is everything, and you can always notice there’re piles of low rating players posted at high price in auction house. It’s common and reasonable.

Ways of Quick Profits

Coins are the basic currency in NHL 18 Ultimate Team, you grind to earn it by games or challenges, or just Buy Cheap NHL 18 Coins from us. By doing this, you will save a lot of time to do repetitive farming jobs to enjoy the game in a better manner. EA Sports is getting more and more greedy, the most awful setting is the in-game cash shop, in which player can buy some festival special items or players. For those free-to-play gamers, those items deeply harms the justice and fairness of their gameplay. Let’s boycott those expensive in-game purchases.

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Be Patient for the FUT Squad Construction

The FUT is designed to be played for an entire year, so be patient when you start with 60s rated team. Everything will be better if you keep playing. To be honest, OVR is important, but there’re too many cash players in the Ultimate Team. Once you spend money to players you can’t beat previously, there’ll be stronger opponents for you. Only if you reach the top position you can fulfill your vanity.

You can buy NHL Coins from whenever you want. We promise safe and cheap NHL 18 Coins for you. Contact us if you haven’t receive your purchases after 12 hours, we promise 100% refund for you. Have fun!

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