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This is Toram Online Blacksmith Crafter Beginner Guide

Hi! I’m making a crafter guide for players who are gonna make a blacksmith heartI took most info from these videos(I’m not a pro crafter, feel free to tell me whats wrong, but i just gathered information in the most helpful blacksmith guide ive found smiley)

Having your own blacksmith can be useful, instead of using the Npc Blacksmiths weapons, you can make weapons that you can add your own stats to. (To check how to add stats please refer to ) Please keep in mind we can’t craft our own Additional / Special gears nor shields, Arrows or Daggers these are all acquired from Npc Blacksmiths or dropped from mobs.

Before you create a blacksmith, you need to decide first where you want to specialize in. Although you can create any armor and weapon as long as you have the create equipment skill, it is advisable to focus most of your status points to one stat to get the most POTENTIAL in creating an equipment. Now that you have decided where to specialize in, I would like to recommend the following initial Job Skill Tree:

1 Hand Swords – Sword Skill Tree or Bow Skill Tree
2 Hand Swords – Sword Skill Tree
Bows and Bow Guns – Shot Skill Tree
Staffs – Magic Skill Tree
Magic Devices – Magic Skill Tree or Knuckle Skill Tree
Knuckles – Knuckle Skill Tree
Armor - Knuckle Skill Tree or Magic Skill Tree
Refiner/Customizer – Shot Skill Tree

The skill needed to craft an equipment is Create Equipment. This is an EX Skill that lets you open the crafting menu. Leveling this skill increases crafting success rate. Another important skill are Careful Creation and Expert's Creation. Level 10 of these skills each increase the crafted item's potential by 10% (rounded down).

1. Recipe
The Details tab shows base amount of ATK, DEF, Stability, and potential. A succesful craft may give higher ATK/DEF than the base. The maximum of ATK/DEF increase depends on the item's base. I.e., high ATK weapon such as Halberd has higher maximum plus compared to low ATK weapon such as Knuckle. Item slot is gained at random, regardless of succesful or unsucessful craft. One slot is rare, while two slot is extremely rare. Successful non-slotted craft will have a maximum potential, as described on later section. Slotted and two-slotted craft usually have lower potential. Stability is always the same as stated on the recipe.

Think of proficiency the same as the players exp bar ~ each item you craft gives a chunk of exp that is added to the % bar. Once 100% has been met you’ll acquire a level in proficiency

3. Potential
Crafted item's potential can be raised by the crafter's pure stat, that is the one on stat screen, not from equipment, skill, food, or avatar bonuses. The following table shows formula for each equipment. As we can see here, some items only depends on one stat and each 10 stat gives 1 potential.

4.Stat & Potential
This will be the most important part depending on the type of weapon you want to make. Unfortunately we only have enough stat points to really make use of one stat at the moment, so if you went into blacksmithing thinking “i can make all the weapons” you can but the weapons outside of your stat will have low potential.

That said some weapons require two stats to get more potential these are:One Hand Sword, Magic Device, Halberd, Bow & Katana.

At first i also thought you can only make the items required for the stat you choose but thats not the case!You can make any and all weapons and will need to do so in order to acquire proficiency level.The weapons you create within your stat choice will just add more potential to those weapons.

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