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The Temtem roadmap has arrived

Crema published a content roadmap today, which outlines what the Temtem developer has in store for the rest of the year. In the immediate future, folks can expect updates to better balance ranked matchmaking, competitive auto-scaling, spectator mode, achievements, and improvements to in-game chat. Temtem will also add Clubs, which are its take on clans, banners and all. Trainers will also gain access to housing, which can be decorated with furniture, and eventually, useful items.

Some of the highlights include ranked matchmaking and the spectator mode, coming this spring. The blog post notes that "Matchmaking V1" will rank players based on their Tamer Matchmaking Rating (TMR), which is defined with placement matches. It also says that developers will introduce auto-scaling into ranked mode, where all Temtems will have their SVs (Single Value) upped to 50 and their level to the current level cap.

Crema says Trading Houses will initially enable players to post and receive offers and requests, and browse listings, without needing to directly interact with others. It's also considering other additional systems, including random trades, plus timed and auctions, but these aren't guaranteed for launch. In addition, Cheap Temtem Pansun is on hot sale at our website

Dojo Wars, meanwhile, give clubs (essentially clans) the opportunity to conquer and hold each of Temtem's six Club Dojos. Once conquered, members can decorate a Dojo and obtain rewards, and other clubs will have the chance to battle and unseat the current Dojo leaders each week, through the likes of in-game tournaments.

Last stop on our roadmap is Summer 2021, which adds a cosmetic-based Battle Pass system, a third mythical Temtem, and a Nuzlocke mode. Nuzlocke is much like an Iron Man mode in other games where if a Temtem is knocked out it's considered "dead” and can no longer be used. In Temtem, Nuzlocke mode will also make it so only one or two Temtem can be caught per area, making each capture a carefully considered decision.

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