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Home > NEWS > The newly-released technical alpha for Diablo Immortal is available for testing purposes on the Android platform in Australia

The newly-released technical alpha for Diablo Immortal is available for testing purposes on the Android platform in Australia

Back in 2018, instead of announcing Diablo 4 like everyone hoped they would, Blizzard instead announced Diablo Immortal, which is essentially a mobile version of Diablo. The game was initially met with a ton of backlash and after about 2 years, it seems that Diablo Immortal is finally in its technical alpha.

So far, we know Diablo Immortal will offer an original story that takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. Besides the primary storyline, players can expect playable side dungeons, mini-quests, and boss fights. Dungeons should only last 10-15 minutes per dive, a perfect setup for on-the-go mobile play. Wyatt Cheng has even made it clear on Twitter that auto-play will not be included, so yes, it would appear Blizzard is making an actual game that should ideally require a modicum of skill to play.

Skills are earned and rank up as you level, but Diablo Immortal hasn't inherited Diablo 3's rune system for customising skills. Instead, there's an equipment slot for a Charm loot item that will allow deep modification of key skills, and lead designer Wyatt Cheng says the Charm is one of the most complex systems in the game which he hopes will delight hardcore theorycrafters ("it's not for the faint of heart", he says). Otherwise, there are six primary and six secondary equipment slots for items that can be customised with gems, reforged to reroll their attributes and, for the first time in a Diablo game, ranked up by salvaging materials from unwanted gear.

The alpha will feature four out of the final game's six classes: the barbarian, monk, demon hunter, and wizard (no crusader or necromancer). It'll have a lower level cap than the complete game, stopping at level 45, although players will be able to test a paragon system like Diablo 3's to continue improvement past the cap. Unlike Diablo 3, Diablo Immortal will have multiple paragon trees of abilities designed around different playstyles.

According to Blizzard, “The primary goal of this Technical Alpha is to test server stability and client performance across a wide variety of devices. It’s also an opportunity for us to take in player feedback regarding our core gameplay, the initial leveling experience, and our other early gameplay systems. This will help us make sure the game feels great when it gets into everybody’s hands.”


Since the game is free-to-play, all content released in the future will be free as well. Gameplay will not be limited, so things like a stamina system are not included. New classes will be added to the game free of charge, but more to the point, Cheng takes the time in the developer video to hammer home that spending money should always feel optional. He also makes it clear that the alpha is an early build and that things may change with player feedback. So here's hoping Blizzard can actually nail a good balance for free and paying players alike. At the very least, it's painfully clear Blizzard isn't rushing the development of the game.

Many of Diablo's structural signatures remain, though. Difficulty modes are in; in the alpha, you can move from Normal to Nightmare and Hell modes at the level cap. The randomised Rifts that came to dominate Diablo 3's endgame play are back too, as well as leaderboard-chasing Challenge Rifts. Bounties - "small quests that send you out across Sanctuary" - sound like a way to mix the freeform play of Diablo 3's Adventure Mode into this necessarily more structured game. The permadeath hardcore mode is out, although Cheng says the team is interested in implementing a roguelike-style game-within-the-game, like Hearthstone dungeon runs or WOW's new Torghast tower.

The legendary items discussed at Blizzcon last year were mentioned again, with an explanation they won't be tradable and will have to be "self-found". An item-leveling system will keep older legendaries relevant by letting you salvage gear for crafting material to upgrade them, and upgraded legendary items will gain random bonus properties at certain ranks.

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