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The Big Chill is a powerful weapon in Fortnite

Buy Fortnite V-BUCKS The Big Chill launcher has been added to Fortnite as their winter event for the year begins, and it's part of the new weapon class.

It’s a powerful weapon that lobs chiller grenades at your enemies, dealing a solid 83 damage for each hit. But how do you get the new weapon? Well, it comes courtesy of a brand new NPC called Snowmando.

The only way to receive The Big Chill is by purchasing it from Snowmando, and it is one of the more expensive Exotic weapons, costing 1,455 gold bars. Thankfully, there are a few different quick ways to earn gold bars in Fortnite, so racking them up shouldn't take too long.

The Big Chill is exactly in one place. In the very southeast of the map is a snow-covered mountain. At the top is an ice cream truck and a picnic bench. Right next to it is a frosty Fortnite skin that sells you the Big Chill.

All exotics require gold bars to obtain them, and the Big Chill launcher costs a few. 1,455 gold bars are required to use the new launcher, which may take a bit to acquire.

Is the Big Chill launcher worth that much gold? Well, it does 83 damage per hit against players and shoots chiller grenades that act much like a grenade launchers to easily wipe some players out.

If you want to get your hands on The Big Chill, here’s what you’ll need to do:

    Head to the mountains at the southeast of the map, near Catty Corner.
    Once you’re there, locate Snowmando (they will have a three-dotted speech bubble above their head).
    Speak to them and select The Big Chill option.
    Click again to confirm the purchase.

This location is already proving popular among Fortnite players, so you might want to land slightly outside of the area and stock up on a couple of weapons before approaching. Either that, or get in and out fast.

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