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Sony has finally removed the Cyberpunk 2077

buy Cyberpunk 2077 Account Sony has finally removed the Cyberpunk 2077 video game from its PlayStation Store. Sony's action shocked analysts of the global gaming industry and added to the decline in the stock price of CD Projekt the Polish game developer.

The game is described as one of the most expensive that has ever been developed and was launched on December 10 after having been exposed several times. Cyberpunk 2077 has been mentioned for several years before it came out and several put it on the list of this year's games already before the release date.

Many bugs are in fact to be deplored when the game runs on PlayStation machines. Particularly on older models like the first PlayStation 4s released in 2013 where players have faced downgraded versions of Cyberpunk 2077 since the game's release on December 10.

To request a refund for the digital version of Cyberpunk 2077 you need to access a PSN page which you can find on the link. If you want a refund of the physical copy you will need to talk to the retailer or seller who provided the game.

"It's not an easy decision but they have taken the right steps," Steve Bailey lead analyst for games at technology research firm Omdia told CNBC.

"This game has been removed for fear not only consumers will be disappointed with the quality of the game but also the potential damage to the console brand."

Faced with all these problems cheap Cyberpunk 2077 Top Up the CD Projekt Red studio had apologized as early as December 14 while setting up the possibility of reimbursing players who do not wish to wait for the game to be improved. The studio has in fact promised to "solve the bugs" by regularly publishing update patches: the first weighing more than 15 GB on console had been published two days after the release of the game. also announced for January and February 2021 in an attempt to "improve the experience" of the game.

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