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Some drama to pop up around Aion Classic

2008 was an era of online game disruption. World of Warcraft swept the world, and the PC MMOPRG genre reached its heyday. The voices for a new Korean MMORPG were also high. Aion was launched at that time and actually opened up a new generation.

What is Aion Classic?
Aion Classic is a server which has restored the contents of the original Aion service that began in 2009 so that they could be enjoyed again. It operates on a separate server from the currently Live server and will be provided as an official, ongoing service rather than an event.

Aion is enjoying a rare moment in the spotlight thanks to launch of a legacy mode called Aion Classic. The opening day was what you’d expect: crowds, bugs, excitement, and consternation that this wasn’t officially being offered over in Aion Europe (which is operated Gameforge and in fact is running a totally different event right now for EU gamers who don’t fib about their location and brave US pings).

It hasn’t taken long for some drama to pop up around Aion Classic. In fact, it took hours for complaints of the game being pay-to-win popping up on the game’s forums, Reddit, and elsewhere. While there are complaints about a variety of things, including that Aion Classic is basically classic Aion, the common thread in all the posts is the impact the candies available in the shop are having on the game.

What the company would rather you not pay attention to is the fact that Aion Classic is selling game currency for cash. Redditors and MMO Fallout noted that players can drop money on the cash shop for — and we’re not making this up — pink tiger candy, which can then be sold to in-game vendors for currency. It’s raised pay-to-win concerns already as some players demand the launch be rolled back.

Currently, players can purchase ten boxes of candies (containing 30 each) for a total of 450 quna — which equates to about $11. These candies can be sold for 100k Kinah (the in-game currency) each, meaning players can obtain about 3 million Kinah for spending $11. Of course, since there’s a big focus on PvP in the game, the concern here is that $11 will easily put those players ahead of those not dropping the cash.

It’s not entirely clear what if anything will be done by NCsoft to rectify the situation, but it’s worth reminding game companies that the people who want a return to the old days in classic servers are looking for a return not just to old mechanics but to old monetization. They might be willing to pay a premium and even a subscription, but a wrecked economy from day one isn’t going to ensure goodwill, longevity, or profit.

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