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RuneScape has introduced a new skill for the first time in four years

For the first time in four years, MMORPG giant RuneScape has introduced a new skill: Archaeology, available for members and free-to-play users on desktop and RuneScape Mobile. The skill’s launch introduces new locations for players to explore, unique interactions with familiar NPCs, and most importantly, new types of acquirable loot!

Last year in 2019, Jagex was able to release an update called Land Out of Time, which is an expansion for the current game, Runescape. It features an island that is full of prehistoric creatures that you may or may not want to hunt and slay(choose the latter, it's more rewarding).

Ryan Philpott, who is a content developer, had this to say, "We had to keep in mind every type of player exploring this skill," and added, "You'll get snippets of lore instead of an information dump that could overwhelm casual fans. That said, there's still much to learn, and it's drip-fed generously. Other than Summoning, which is tailored to a hardcore, higher-level crowd, our rewards for Archaeology can be appreciated at any level." If you want to buy Runescape Gold, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

At the beginning of the expansion, your Archeology journey brings you at the Kharid-Et dig site; this is where you will receive your first Mattock, which is the skill's signature tool for being able to do Archeology chains. Beneath the city of Al Kharid is where you will uncover long-lost relics of the God Wars, which includes weapons and ancient magics previously thought lost.

Archaeology goes live as part of arguably the biggest update to Runescape since the Invention skill launched back in 2016. After 18 months in development it has changed a great deal since its inception, with ideas like archaeomancy and time travel among the potential mechanics early on, but Philpott is definitely satisfied with the finished product. “It’s nice to look back and see where we started and where we are now. And we’re just so happy with it.”

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