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Home > NEWS > Players will be able to experience the WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade pre-patch on May 18, 2021

Players will be able to experience the WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade pre-patch on May 18, 2021

WoW Burning Crusade Classic is coming On June 1, 2021, but players will be able to experience the pre-expansion patch on May 18, 2021.Make sure you know the exact release time of the pre-patch so you can jump in.

On May 19 at 1:00 a.m. KST, European servers will begin maintenance in preparation for the deployment of the Burning Crusade Classic pre-launch update.

By logging into Burning Crusade Classic, the majority of your addons will generate a lot of errors. So update your addons and / or test it on PTR 2.5.1. You can update your addons using for example WoWUp, which can update some WoWC addons to their BC Classic version.

So what are you getting with the WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-patch? You’ll first have to determine whether or not you wish to take your present WoW Classic character onto the Burning Crusade server or in the event you’d quite follow WoW Classic. If you fancy a little bit of each, you’ll be able to clone your character. Blizzard initially caught the value on this at $35 (round £25) although the developer has since shrunk the associated fee to $15 (round £10) following criticism from followers.

Well, assuming that you have your character moving forward into the game’s first expansion rather than staying behind in the vintage Classic experience, since you’ll also need to make that choice upon logging into your characters in WoW Classic. So that’s another new feature being added with the pre-patch. It’s a pretty significant one, even. Many new old-fashioned experiences all around!

Along with the races, paladins appear for the Horde and shamans for the Alliance. The two classes were previously reserved for the respective parliamentary groups. However, the new races can choose the classes in their faction.

You can also learn the new profession of jewelery cutting. You can use jewel bows to make base stones, necklaces, rings, jewelry and headgear. The profession is suitable for all classes and all of expansion.

Can I level faster in the pre-patch? Yes, the XP requirements for levels 20-60 have been reduced by 15% so that you can advance much faster. From level 30 you also get more experience for quests, dungeons give you a little more experience and many elite quests can also be completed solo.

Lots of important things to know for May 19th

    Visit a Classmaster to learn the new skills. Do this before entering a dungeon, raid, or battlefield.
    All talents will be reset. Remember your build in order to spend the points in the right place.
    Silvermoon City can be accessed from a portal in Undercity.
    Exodar is accessible by boat from Auberdine. It is the boat which is directly in front of you. The one on the left goes to the port of Menethil, while the one on the right takes the direction of Darnassus.
    Repeatable quests only grant experience the first time. This also applies to Zul'Gurub, badges of AQ40, etc.
    Innkeepers will sell new items, including level 60 water that regenerates 5,100 mana over 30 sec. This is the best water in the prepatch.
    Elixirs and potions of long duration will be considered as Elixirs of Battle or Elixirs of the Guardian. You can only have one Battle and Guardian Elixir active at a time.
    Limited invulnerability potions no longer work the same (they no longer temporarily lower threat). They now reduce melee damage by 120, which is a lot but won't help your cloth classes against a boss.
    The stacking of many ingredients has been revised upwards. Mages can now stack 20 teleportation / portal runes for example.
    If you buy a mount today and send it to an alt who can't use it because of reputation, they'll be able to do it tomorrow. If you send a Kodo to an Orc, they can ride it tomorrow. This will only work if you do this today as these mounts will become Soul Bound in Burning Crusade Classic.
    Protection potions now last 2 minutes, with a 2 minute cooldown.
    Marks of Honor now stack by 100, and the Honor limit is 75,000.
    Druids can now interact with quest items and talk to NPCs while transfigured.
    Thieves' poisons now last 1 hour and no longer use charges.
    Shamans weapon buffs now last 30 minutes instead of 5, and if you have two weapons you can apply two buffs.
    Character transfers will be reactivated shortly after maintenance ends. will delivery TBC WoW Classic Gold as soon as it releases. We will support all servers, including the US and EU. We have 3 delivery methods: Face to face, Auction House, and mail. If you have any questions when buying TBC Classic Gold, you can turn to our 24/7 Livechat for help.

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