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NRG have been one of the strongest squads in competitive Rocket League all year

The year is almost over and for Rocket League, that means it's time to crown a new world champion. The Rocket League Season 8 championship would be decided in Barcelona, Spain and by early afternoon Sunday, only two teams remained. Defending champions Renault Vitality faced off against NRG Esports in the Grand Finals. But while the Season 7 champs were game, NRG Esports squeezed out a championship victory, winning 2-1 in a thrilling Game 7 that went to Overtime.

The RLCS Season 8 World Championships in Madrid were surprisingly light on drama and surprises. European one-seed Team Reciprocity were eliminated sooner than anyone would've expected. Surprisingly few matches went to a final deciding game. All the excitement was saved for the Grand Finals. And if you want to Buy Rocket League Items, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

NRG and Renault Vitality put on an absolute show in the Grand Finals, leaving the result for the seventh game in the best-of-seven series. It was a tense back-and-forth. Jstn opened the scoring with an incredibly creative aerial fake where he pulled off the ball to demolish the netminder. A bit later, a mad scramble on the NRG goalline resulted in Vitality brute forcing the ball into the net. Five minutes couldn't resolve this.

In the playoffs, Spacestation Gaming didn’t stand a chance as NRG won the first three rounds and closed out the series with a dominant 4-1 victory to lock in a top-two finish. Tshaka “Arsenal” Taylor Jr. couldn’t push his team any further and they were eliminated in a tie for third.

RV had a much more difficult path to get that coveted rematch as Pittsburgh Knights took them to the brink of elimination in the opening game of the playoffs. The series went to six games after PK pushed for a late win, but RV ended up with the 4-2 win. And from one tough round to another, Dignitas weren’t just going to roll over for RV to waltz into the grand finals.

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