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NHL 18 Update 1.04 Patch Note

NHL 18 isn’t the staple of EA Sports product line compared with FIFA and Madden NFL franchises, for the reason of limited weather condition and ground and fandom base. But it’s also the most popular sport in high latitude countries like Canada. IMO, the most attractive part of the sport is fighting.

EA Sports recently announcedthe NHL 18 Patch 1.04 for PS4 & Xbox One, contains improvements of EASHL Club Challenges, EASHL AI Goalies, Gameplay, Be a Pro, Coach Feedback, Be a GM, and Presentation. Following are the details of the key points of this update. If you haven’t update your game yet, just open your PS4 or Xbox and download it automatically.


1. AI goalie stats will be decreased when a player controlled goalie drops from game to be fair to the other team.

2. Added ability for players to lose speed the more they spam pokecheck.

3. CPU-controlled players will no longer auto pass when a player does a manual windup for a shot outside the offensive zone.

4. Addressed the bug that players would sometimes be stuck on the bench while an AI player played for them after situations where they served a penalty.

5. Now you can trigger with better precision when in low speed skating.

6. Players will be more likely to be drafted when starting from CHL.

7. Reduce the effect of team chemistry on the sim engine.

8. Reduced the meetings between team and player when in seasons.

9. Reduced the competence of players in handling defensive deflections behind them.

10. Addressed the issue of True Broadcast camera pan direction in shootouts.

Above are all the key points of this NHL 18 Patch 1.04. It really improved the gameplay experience of the game, especially the low speed skating precise trigger. Now the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday is coming, we’re promoting our products now. Do not miss the cheap and safe NHL 18 Coins! Have fun!

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