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NHL 18 Happy Hour Released for HUT Fans

It’s time for kick off the puck now, NHL 18 is now available worldwide! New evolution player items are available in game, evolve over time to match their top rated performance in-form kits. You know when Happy Hour comes, the match loots and the chance of getting inform player in NHL Ultimate Team mode will be boosted, you can earn 1.5x NHL Coins for each game in Hockey Ultimate Team and the latest event has ended on October 6 at 3am EST. So just save your coins for the nest Happy Hour.


It’s widely received that no one can predict the Happy Hour release date, it’s not festival-based, nor weekend-based, even non-business with season matches. But we can still vaguely predict the release date of next happy hour. Actually even every HUT gamer who have accessed the game for more than one year can predict the approximate date of Happy Hour.

The trend is the Happy Hour won’t be too frequent in a cycle, may be 6 month or a year. But the several issue of Happy Hour happened in a relatively steady interval at about two month or even a bit longer. Sometimes you even don’t know the Happy Hour happened and it has already disappeared. If you are just passed a Happy Hour feast, just have a break and waiting for the next Happy Hour one or two month later.


Although there’re enough pleasure settings during Happy Hour, it turned to be unhappy. For me, I’ve suffered from the delay of loots when I finish a 3-2 win but received nothing. And during which all my plan of farming coins are invalid for that glitch. I’ve specifically checked my network connection and all things going well.

Besides the Happy Hour, there’s an old news for veterans, who are likely more interested in spotting out what’s new. Personally, there were two additions in this year’s iteration that I quite liked. At the top of the list is the new NHL Threes. This mode serves up 3-3 action that feels like a stimulated version of the classic hockey experience. Thanks to fewer bodies to clutter the rink as well as the removal of icing and off-sides penalties, you end up with a faster-paced game that encourages scoring bursts. 


There’s even an option for cash pucks that provide different point values up to +3 for Fire Pucks or up to -3 for Ice Pucks, which take away points from foes and adds any remaining ones to your score. If you like casual & pleasant game style with an element of point cheats, NHL Threes is a pure addition to the series’ selection of modes.

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