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NHL 18 Fans You Need to Know All About These

NHL 18 has been released couple days before, that means ice hockey fans got their best gift as a supplement aside from NHL broadcasting live. As EA Sports’ Frostbite engine’s utilization’s expanding, nearly all branches of their products are equipped with the advanced weapon to fight against their old rival 2K Games Inc. Despite of 2K Sports, we’ve already seen the substantial improvements of the Madden 18, but what will shock us for the NHL 18?


The only real bright spot to this year's game is the NHL Threes mode, which is hilarious in front of beloved current 3-on-3 overtime format in NFL. If you're falling behind, the money puck can help you to catch up back it. These special pucks will also enable you to double score at once, or gain a goal while taking another one away from the opposition. And with the next few pucks always visible below the mark board, besides, there is an added strategic element to what goals matter the most.

Defensive skill stick is another joyful gameplay that I had to mention. EA Sports did an excellent job of balancing out the gap between forwards and defensemen to help mitigate the damage done at the other end of the rink. The new defensive skill stick gives players full control over their upper and lower-body to help cut down angles and clog up anticipated passing lanes; gone are the days of simply spamming the poke check in hopes of breaking up an opposing rush.


The introduce of the Defensive Skill Stick is a trump card, that once I began took to it, I couldn't stop. It's quite powerful and endurable. It may result in penalty by chance — and your lack of ability to have more control over whether you jab at the puck or put a shoulder to their face can be disappointing. But there're now much more impacts on the gameplay that I could ever imagine.

With speed, creativity and action at the frontline of the NHL 18 gameplay, the new 3-on-3 NHL THREES mode and the access to run wild with the new Draft. EA Sports is seemly determined to pull out everything in hand to make a big change that have never occurred. Expect top-flight multiplayer action as well, providing a playground for your partners, co-operate and fight against with others around the world.


Never had a sports video game allows gamers team up online to do this ally-oop like cooperation as NHL 18. Whether you’re playing individually or cooperatively, online or offline, NHL 18 provides more than 64 pattern of combinations for you and your dudes. It no longer matters if your friends are on the bench, online, or both. However you want to play.

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