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NBA Live Mobile Season Score Update in October

EA Sports’ staple NBA Live will be published on September 15, the day after tomorrow. Dissimilar with console version, mobile edition of NBA Live franchise could easily release a new app on App Store or Google Play with new icon and contents, while console version need to plan month ago and advertise the new game and set a new retail price for different editions. Live Mobile official only announce a new title “ Season Score” for the game, indicate that there will be a new NBA Live Mobile for the upcoming 2017-18 season.


Season Score is what EA Sports reset the game for the upcoming new season. To play with the Season Score, you'll still be able to do everything you've been able to do in the game up until this point, including participating in leagues, purchasing packs, dealing transactions in the Auction House, and more. You will also get rewards for your appearances and achievements during recent season of LIVE Mobile. Every progress you achieved since day one of Season Score will help contributing to your squad building.

Everyone knows the more energy you input, the more fruits you will make, time is as important as gameplay too. Its only 2 min quarters and literally no time to waste. Almost all my shots are pull ups with the Point Guard or 1/2 passes before a shot. What’s more, do not wait for a clutch shot if you are sitting at 10 seconds before the clutch shot is active, take the shot and come back the next possession. Frankly speaking, this game is practically an arcade and honestly back when you could drain 3s with anyone on the court, I would let the opposition score a two and respond with a 3 every time.

As for special moves in new NBA Live Mobile, there are the layup with physical contact and layup without physical contact. If you are about to layup without any contact, as long as the opponent NBA centers don't block, you will score certainly. With layup with contact, you only need to keep 2 Coins and you will have 50% chance to score. You are close enough to the basket, additionally, only one player will interfere you.


The most efficient way to perform a steal is to steal the defenders when they are on your side of the court. First of all, make the target slow down first and then stand with a steady dribble, on the outside of the 3 point line. Then you have to place yourself depending on which hand he is dribbling with. Majority of basketballers are right handed, except for some, including Harden and Thomas, are left handed. You want to position your player on the side that they are dribbling and stands diagonal aside from them. Once you get the right positioning, the steal button will be actually effective.

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