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NBA Live 18 Auction House Tricks to Make Tons of Coins

EA Sports series video provide a place for gamers to exchange some of tradable collectibles in the game, that is the Transfer Market in FIFA, and Auction House in basketball simulation video game NBA Live 18. Dissimilar with RPGs, properties in NBA Live 18 are all tradable except for EA Points, which can be only charged by cash. As a video game, the market operation and price fluctuation are controlled by EA Sports itself, just like stock market backstage manipulation.


There’re also ways for gamers to make profits from the auction house and transfer market. Fangles and taboos both included in this article. Although most of veteran players know the method to make profits, seldom had people can stick to it! At first, to make a list of most profitable properties is the key point.

Make a Plan

Make an all-inclusive plan of tradable items in the Auction House, such as players with imbalance single attributes. For example, the fastest player in the game, but in considerable low overall rating, the Marcelo Huertas is a good choice for his 61 OVR and 91 SPD. Although those kind of player won’t score even single goal in the game, tons of gamers are still pursuing for them. Actually, win isn’t everything for some gamers who has a special hobby. 

Think twice before you sell your unwanted cards. We recommend you keep a track of the market price trend, when is goes down, stock your card in your inventory and sell them after the depression. Do not easily stock bargains in the market, that may be a signal of declination of the price. Just sell your unwanted cards, do not easily try the “buy in low and sell in high” business.


Try to set a lower than standard price of a newly released card in the market. The longer it exist in the market, the lower price you can sell it. Once you get an elite player card that unwanted or unsuitable for your lineup, just sell them in the market or auction with a relatively low price according to available items on shelf. When everyone get that card, your one will be devalued soon.

Bidding Strategy

When you aim at an on sale card in auction, keep an eye on it and be patient to wait it until to expire. Outbid it with your anticipate price directly in last 1 minute to repel your rivals will be most effective trick in the auction bidding process.


Keep Your Out-of-Print Card in Hand

Never sell your out-of-print card in the market, even if the standard are much more surpassing your expectation. You know some of the cards get extinct once their owner retired, just like Kobe. Although there’re higher rated cards in same position in market, the out-of-print version one will be much more valuable than former one. On the one hand, an extinct card can manifest your qualification in the game, which can hardly got by new entrants. On the other hand, those cards can be a treasurable collectibles and potential in price.

The best strategy to make maximum profit of it is to boast it on forums. Once other players saw your out-of-print card screenshot, they will direct message you of inquiring of the card, then you can sell them with a decent price. Because most of players never scout in the market for specials like you.

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