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NBA 2K's Biggest Challenge and Advantages among NBA Live

NBA 2K18 was always known as the most immersive, best graphics, and authentic basketball simulation video game in those days. To be honest, NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18 has many similarities in many facets, and IMO, I think those two games can be complementation in most of situations. But it’s good for both games of having a powerful opponents, that can keep both company’s innovation ability and business conscience.


As Bryan Wiedey of Sporting News explained in his review, garnered a ton of hype because of the game's association with Grand Theft Auto, the master of open-world games. "Marketing for 'NBA 2K18' has heavily pushed its new open-world 'Neighborhood' as revolutionary. It's something akin to a cross between "Grand Theft Auto Online" (Take Two is the parent company of both 2K Sports and GTA's Rockstar Games) and the defunct PlayStation Home. Essentially, the "Neighborhood" acts a hub for all MyPlayer activities related to MyCareer story mode and the MyPark and Pro-Am online modes," Wiedey wrote.

NBA 2K18 just facing its unprecedented challenge, after a two-year casual vacation. Although 2K company has done a well-rounded preparation for encounter their old rival’s comeback in basketball simulation video game industry, the efforts turned to be nothing. EA Sports known their tough work to seize back the market share and there’re no more change for them to head over again since they’ve “hurt” a great amount of fans’ trust. We saw the “The One” mode, which insist on providing an authentic experience in National Basketball Association and amateur street basketball competition.

There’re kinda modes in 2K18 deem to be revolutionary to sports games, this new addition understandably hasn't been executed perfectly. The entire aim of the mode is to level up your character to 99 overall and the only way to do that is through grinding out matches and monotonous workout mini games at the gym.

Check your software & hardware, for example the optical fiber, or the modern, to make sure that NBA 2K18 download problems aren’t because something is wrong with your network. Try running a network test on a smartphone or PC connected to the same network as your console to be sure your download speeds aren’t terrible. If your download speeds are bad, reset your router and reach out to your service provider for help.

A player who may influence the whole game is, Kristaps Porzing, who was finally included in the roster, one of the highest rated players among the teams on this list, coming in at 86 overall. Porzingis is an extremely fun 2K player to use, as he’s extremely versatile and athletic, allowing you to use him as a stretch big or as a 7’3 glass cleaner and alley-oop finisher.

Mostly, files will appear missing due to all data not being fully synced. Please check the Play Now option and allow your game to sit on that menu. The message could take quite a long time to appear depending on where you are in the syncing process.


There’re some action & movement control guide for you:

Rhythm Dribble: Move Right Stick toward hoop then quickly release

In and Out: RT + Move Right Stick toward hoop then quickly release

Hesitation: Move Right Stick toward ball hand then quickly release

Crossover: Move Right Stick toward off hand, then quickly release

Crossover (Escape): RT + Move Right Stick toward off hand, then quickly release

Between Legs Cross: Move Right Stick between off hand and player’s back then quickly release

Behind Back: Move Right Stick away from hoop, then quickly release

Stepback: RT + Move Right Stick away from hoop, then quickly release

Once you grasp those special moves, you can lift your game skill and win rate remarkably, they’re hard to deal with for your foes. You can also buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT from us If you have good suggestions or any other questions toward our website or products, please contact us! Have fun!

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