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NBA 2K18 Tutorial and Operations Controller Illustrations

NBA 2K18 comeback on September 15, 2017, accompanies with EA Sports’ NBA Live 18, the staple of EA basketball immersive video game product line. Different from last year, NBA 2K18 now burdens the huge responsibility to protect this franchise’s fruit grew last year. But there’re some substances manifest that 2K franchise won’t lost their dominating position among basketball games industry. Actually, the two-year disappear is an irretrievable loss for NBA Live franchise, but luckily, the NBA Live Mobile backed up the last territory of EA Sports.


So it's a basketball simulation video game, in order to play well the game, you need firstly ensure yourself of basic basketball awareness and skills alright? No matter you are a basketball zealot or just a coach potato who lying on sofa, chewing junk foods, and watching NBA live broadcasting, you know the rule and simple strategy, and you are able to master the digital edition of this sport. If you haven’t but either of the two games, please wait for few days when gameplays of both released on YouTube or IGN or US Gamers and other popular social media forums, or just buy it and split the price with your friends. We’d like to share your with some unprecedented news and features and subtle difference of controlling between the world top two games of basketball.

What makes the mode cool is that you can level up just about every aspect of your player via stations and modes within the neighborhood spaces. I will say that if you purchased the Legend or Legend Gold editions that came with VC, SPEND IT ALL ON YOUR MYPLAYER! Don’t go for the cosmetic items or any of the other distractions that will call out to you like the Harpies from the Odyssey. I was lucky enough to have the Legend Gold edition for review and was able to boost my character from the base level 60 to and 85 and still have enough VC to purchase dunk packages and adornments.


Basic Controls of NBA 2K18:

Pump Fake: Start a jump shot, then quickly release Right Stick

Reverse Layup: Move and hold Right Stick toward baseline

Crossover: Move Right Stick toward off hand, then quickly release

Alley Oop: Double tap Y

Post Fade: Right Stick left or right away from hoop

Above controls are partially tweaked in NBA 2K18, so practice them in advance before you start an online competition. If it doesn’t work, please check your controller settings and reset the key mapping.


Obviously, playing seasons will be your most steady method to earn MT and VC in the game. You get a basic salary of 500 VC for each game, with extra rewards depending on your operations and team rating. Remember that NBA 2K18 will no longer support VC multiplier for playing on a higher difficulty preset. Jump to a conclusion, play more and you will get more, but don’t play for MT or you will lose the interest of the game.

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