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NBA 2K18 Pre-Load Project & Top Players Rating

2K Sports opened the access of downloading the NBA 2K18 in advance the September 19, means that users who preordered the game can pre-load it to get in the game at the first time when it accessible but still unplayable for now. NBA 2K18 is downloadable and fans get load for they’re excited about the decision of 2K Games.

Now both PS4 and Xbox One users are coming into action to prepare for attending the upcoming basketball feast. Although most of basketballers and frenetics always play both NBA 2K and NBA Live franchise, and the release date of them are so closed (less than four days), the slight difference of their brand-new story mode will distinguished the pros and cons.


You don't have to wait until September 19 to play NBA 2K18, for there’re prelude demo available now. The prelude includes a bite of MyCareer. It also lets you check out Neighborhoods mode, the game's new social intercourse part. You can learn more about NBA 2K18's prelude demo here in Mmovip's previous articles.

According to Forbes editor Mazique’s comment on Switch version of NBA 2K18, the Switch variant is going to come with the major modes also being presented in other editions.

That means Switch users can look forward to see and enjoy all that the revised MyCareer mode has to offer. The MyGM and MyLeague modes will also be available in the Switch NBA 2K18 which should allow players to live out their team-managing dreams. The new MyTeam mode offerings are also expected to be present in the Switch version.


Top Ten Rated Players of NBA 2K18

PF – LeBron James – OVR 97 – Cleveland Cavaliers – America

SF – Kevin Durant – OVR 96 – Golden State Warriors – America

SF – Kawhi Leonard – OVR 95 – San Antonio Spurs – America

SG – James Harden – OVR 95 – Houston Rockets – America

PG – Russell Westbrook – OVR 94 – Oklahoma City Thunder – America

PG – Stephen Curry – OVR 94 – Golden State Warriors – America

PF – Anthony Davis – OVR 94 – New Orleans Pelicans – America

PF – DeMarcus Cousins – OVR 92 – New Orleans Pelicans – America

SF – Giannis Antetokounmpo – OVR 91 – Milwaukee Bucks – Greece

PG – Chris Paul – OVR 91 – Houston Rockets – America

This ranking list doesn’t represent players real rank in real life, it just the game’s statistics, been influenced by cover athlete aura or spokesman buffs. Canadian sports gamers will be willing to know that NBA 2K18 and NHL 18 will be bundled together with the PlayStation 4. With both the ice hockey and basketball seasons upon us, Sony’s bold trial to release this bundle for their console makes great sense.


The Neighborhood mode is a shortcut to quickly earn some of the game's currency, known as VC, as well as to discover just how little you know about basketball. In related news, my favorite piece of basketball trifles are that originally the nets were fruit baskets and every time a point was scored, someone had to resort to a ladder or trampoline, to retrieve the ball, if that is an optional feature of 2K18.

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