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NBA 2K18 landing in China, Erwin endorsement can bring how many broken?

For all domestic NBA fans, the recent largest news, I am afraid that is the latest basketball game series NBA 2K NBA 2K18, finally in the game host PS4 launched on the national version of the!

Beijing afternoon on July 26, Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in today's ChinaJoy site announced that after the proxy "King of Fighters 14" PS4 game domestic agents Gamepoch Star Tour has been and Take-Two reached a cooperation agent, NBA2K18 The PS4 version will soon be officially landed in the Chinese mainland market.

For this game, the ability to successfully enter China is not easy. All the games you want to go through the national bank audit, the official sale in the country, need to include the game menu and even the name of each player, completely translated into Chinese. While the sporting game has a larger list and its database compared to other types of games. This is the manufacturers, is undoubtedly a cost of energy and cost things.

There are sports game operators that "completely finished" process, will delay 2K18 in the mainland market, the official launch date, players want to start the national game, may be more than other players waiting for a longer time.

In the face of bleak status, in addition to "national service landing" this selling point, how to do the marketing of the Chinese market, it is Take-Two the next one wants to focus.

Speaking of marketing, we have to mention the 2K18 cover spokesperson Kerry - Owen.

Is Owen's singles the strongest in the world? He is not necessarily the strongest, but must be the most confident.

Carey - Owen's self-confidence is to let a lot of fans remember his point, even though last season did not help the Cavaliers to stay in Cleveland once again, but he still rely on excellent performance, became the next one for NBA2K - this is almost The best basketball series of game cover spokesperson.

However, recently, Owen and Nike opened the Chinese line, in addition to regular fan activities, he also deliberately in Beijing and friends carried out a spectacular NBA 2K ONLINE gaming competition. Perhaps a friend will ask, Owen since it is 2K18 spokesperson, why would play another game at the scene?

The ecology circle has repeatedly pushed the page, on the "sports + gaming" all kinds of marketing model. According to the NBA official said they will start from the 2017-18 season to set up NBA 2K e-sports league, 17 clubs have entered the NBA2K gaming competition, set up their own 2K clan, battle the world in the NBA regular season and the playoffs, Union in the two giants and knights are also shocked in the column. Now with the release of the 2K18 national version of the release, once was rumors "NBA2K gaming league in China", may be put on the agenda.

In addition, due to 2K host series of games in the failure to get the national bank before the qualification, due to poor network confrontation in the country can only become a "party game" and criticized. Now 2K18 into China, I believe that this disadvantage will be greatly improved. Holding NBA rights Tencent sports publicity, the future will be tilted to the more powerful host series who may play a question mark. This is the agent 2KOL Tencent each other need to do homework.

I believe the future has a name of the 2K18, can be more free to organize promotional activities, combined with the star into China, fans and other official activities of the NBA marketing campaign in the Chinese market usher in a more hot trend. In 2K so hard to push the ground, leaving 2KOL time is running out, perhaps, as soon as possible to replace the more advanced "dawn plan" engine and promote the professionalization of the race, is 2KOL next to speed up Rhythm do things. And for Sony, can take this opportunity to promote more ace host sports game landing in China?

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