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NBA 2K18 Hottest YouTube Tricks

NBA 2K18 most effective way to score will be the 3pt. You can initial your offense from far, avoiding the inside defenders, that will help you manage your time and make an unexpected attack. You just need to find a decent 3pter and instruct your other players assist him to cast the ball successfully. If you need to improve your squad faster, the best way for your is to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT from us. Let us know your excellent dunk in the game, we will reward you of free MT. Now let’s start our topic: How to make perfect dunk in NBA 2K18.


Luckily, that sounds like an on-paper dream has joined a total package. For Mazique, it was enough to give the game a 9.1 out of 10. Outside of MyGM: The Next Chapter, one of the biggest talking points and potential areas for innovation comes in the form of an open-world hub for MyPlayer. The idea of creating a player with the user's own scanned face and then being able to go around a virtual hub that ties together the various game modes is a big step forward for the 2K series and a featured talking point of every review to date. But at this point in a console generation? Each game has a strong gameplay element down and needs to find new ways to keep bringing fans back for more.

Roaming around the streets will give you plenty of options to play different types of basketball games, from intense 3v3 games to fun hoop-shooting mini-games at the arcade. You walk around in an open world populated by the characters of other online players. You have free choice to do what you want and look how you want, it feels like Journey mode from FIFA mixed with Sims.

Every NBA 2K18 pre-order comes with some VC to upgrade your MyPlayer within The Neighborhood and MyCareer. Gamers have had a hard time claiming their VC bonuses with previous titles in the series. When you’ve installed the game and your VC bonus is still missing, try exiting the game again. This will force it to reconnect to the only service that powers the game and hopefully sync over your Virtual Currency.

Only play with New York when you’re looking for a huge challenge and want to show your friends that you can defeat them with one of the worst teams in the game. Added points if you don’t abuse them with Porzingod. It’s another case of no star power for the Atlanta Hawks, but on an even worse level compared to the Nets and Bulls. The Hawks highest rated player is young German point guard Dennis Schroder, who comes in as a 79 overall, which is dismal for the franchise’s best player.


This one’s pretty obvious to speeding up grinding. Under ‘Settings’, change the difficulty to ‘Rookie’ and the quarter length to ’12 minutes’. This will make getting badges a lot easier and maximize the amount of time available to get badges. The roster around your MyPLAYER matters to aid in getting badges. For example, if you’re trying to get the Dimer Badge, you’re going to want to go to a team who will successfully convert assists – a team with finishers or offensive sharpshooters, like the Warriors. If you’re trying to get badges related to offensive rebounding, you’re going to want to be on a team with bad shooters so that they miss a lot, etc.

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