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NBA 2K18 Guide of Shooting and Dunking

Dunking can be extremely easy in NBA 2K18 by choosing your favorite basketballer and utilizing your daunting gameplay skills to juke and dunk or even ally-oop. Nothing is impossible in NBA 2K18, but not everyone who firstly entered the game can master all those awesome gameplay skills. The only thing you need to do is to practice your dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling… as you used to do IRL. After you establish your team in MyTeam, and before you start gaming with online opponents in MyLeague, you need to finish the in-game tutorial chapter to get familiar with those basic moves such as sprint or shoot. This is a guide for gamers who: already know how to start a game and score but still confuse in making effective shoots in NBA 2K18. If you think you’re in low stat in offense, you are in the right place. Read more NBA 2k18 Guides and news on, and win giveaways in holidays.

Vary Your Offense Strategy

Don’t always make the offense by your James Harden, or organize a counterattack by your Stephen Curry. Try to make a change, and your opponent won’t expect you mix juke move, spin move, sprint while in attack. Unknown is the most terrifying opponent. Never overuse one player, let them on the bench for a while before the half rest to verify a good start for the second half. Give more chance for substitutes and you may figure out new strategies as well.

Timing the Shot Bar

Shot Bar decides how the shoot will be, it’s the coefficient of player’s stat on the pitch. If you timed precisely, the coefficient may be 1.0, or as bad as 0.1, I don’t know. Release the shot button before your eyes see the bar approaches to climax, because there’s a lag between your eye and brain. By mastering the leads and lags, I can make 4 out of 5 perfect shot no matter which player I played.

Do Not Fear One-on-One Contest

I’ve watched others play NBA 2K18, one interesting and anxious phenomenon is they didn’t shoot until they reach the position that they planned, even if there’s a space en route to the position for them to make an easy score. Finally they said, “I tried but failed”. LOL. No need to explain it.

NBA 2K18 Shooting Guide.jpg


Stamina Bar in NBA 2K18 won’t indicate the shooting accuracy or power anymore, as it worked in that way in NBA 2K17. Now it has been replaced by a Shot Bar next to player’s head and it only appear when you’re about to shot, and won’t display when you release the button. It requires sharp eye and smart reflection to seize the proper chance, thankfully, your controller will also vibrate to inform you the best time to release your shot. – Cheap NBA 2K18 MT store on the planet! You are still wasting your precious time to upgrade your team to the top of the leaderboard. I’m not joking you as long as you buy NBA 2K18 MT from us, the price is much more cheaper than you bought from in-game cash shop. Good luck!

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