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NBA 2K18 Guide for MyCareer & MyPark

The MyCareer mode, in nature, is a story mode of NBA 2K18, in which players will experience the authentic career of National Basketball Association. Just as NBA Live 18’s The One mode. The story mode is an important part of nowadays sports video game, and gradually abandons its tutorial part identity. The MyCareer mode has always been a bit of a grind, and 2K Sports continues to evolve and change the way the mode plays out and evolves.

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Guide for MyCareer Beginners

One of the most recommend tips of rookies of NBA 2K18 is to complete the MyCareer mode before start MyPark. As a tutorial chapter of NBA 2K18, in this mode, players will get to know all basic control instructions and basic moves or shoot skills. After a chain of small tasks and dialogues, there’ll be a set of competitions for you. You need to defeat those A.I. controlled teams to improve your avatar. Just complete those tasks patiently, don’t skip it as you’ve paid for all parts of the whole game, so do not waste your money. To complete all challenges in the game equals to save your money, remember it!

Never Addict to Packs

No matter Throwback Thursday Pack, Rainbow Pack, Draft Box, VIP Pack, or Boost Pack, are such of waste of money and reduces your fulfillment of the game. I think Starting 5 Pack should be enough, just cultivate your rookies and let them become stronger, that’s also a funny of this game. Besides, no matter how much money you spend in the game, there will be stronger players here, and once you spend money to lift your squad fast, you’ll be even quicker to meet top opponents. The result is fixed to be fail.

Teach Your Friends

Teach your friends who plays basketball with you in real life to play the game. You will be able to find another way to challenge them with basketball. Also teach your friends who don’t play basketball, once they feel in love with this game, they may love the real-life’s basketball sport as well, and you will have more partner on the pitch. Let your family know you’re playing NBA 2K18, let them know you’re not just a bookworm who only know study and reading. You’re a video game master, and you are proud of this, since the eSports is getting more and more popular!

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