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MUT 18 Champions Qualification Walkthrough


Believed that most of Madden NFL 18 gamers are heading for beloved Franchise Mode for the game. It’s not a game, we can call it a simulator, even professional NFL teams play the game as training, of course for strategy / teamwork purpose. FUT Champions is a weekly event that every Madden 18 Ultimate Team gamer can join in every week to contend with world’s best Madden gamers. One aim of MUT Champion Mode is to get into Weekend League. There are two methods to achieve the champions.

Madden 18 Champions.jpg


Road one is to join the MUT Champions Knockout Tournament, you need to defeat at least 3 out of 8 opponents in MUT 18 Champions Mode during Monday to Thursday. There are two separate Knockout Tournaments held each week.. Road two is to join Head-to-Head seasons. Using this method, the qualifications will start easier and get progressively harder as the season continues. However, winning is not always required to meet the qualifications for that week.


There’s no difference for you to meet either of these criteria, you’re qualified for the Weekend League. The Weekend League lasts from Friday to Monday. You can play a total of 25 games during that period. The more you win during that time, the better reward you will get when the weekly event reset.


Tier – Requirements - Rewards

Bronze 2 – 1 Win – 3,000 Coins + 2 Bronze Tier WL Packs

Bronze 1 – 2 Wins – 4,000 Coins + 3 Bronze Tier WL Packs

Silver 2 – 5 Wins – 10,000 Coins + 2 Silver Tier 2 WL Packs + 1 Bronze Tier WL Pack

Silver 1 – 8 Wins – 15,000 Coins + 1 Silver Tier 2 WL Packs + 1 Silver Tier WL Pack

Gold 2 – 11 Wins – 30,000 Coins + 1 Gold Tier 2 WL Pack + 2 Silver Tier 1 WL Plus Packs

Gold 1 – 15 Wins – 45,000 Coins + 2 Gold Tier 1 WL Pack + 1 Gold Tier 2 WL Plus Packs

Elite 2 – 19 Wins – 70,000 Coins + 1 Elite Tier WL Pack

Elite 1 – 22 Wins – 125,000 Coins + 1 Elite Tier WL Pack

Rank 76~100 – 125,000 Coins + 2 Elite Tier WL Packs

Rank 51~71 – 125,000 Coins + 3 Elite Tier WL Packs

Rank 26~50 – 150,000 Coins + 3 Elite Tier WL Packs

Rank 11~25 – 150,000 Coins + 4 Elite Tier WL Packs

Rank 2~10 – 200,000 Coins + 4 Elite Tier WL Packs

Rank 1 – 250,000 Coins + 4 Elite Tier WL Packs


The Elite Tier WL Pack contains 3 elite players. At least one of those three players will have an 84 or higher OVR. Seeing all three players and their OVR, you will choose the one you want to keep. Bronze Tier WL Pack contains 3x 65+ rated cards with 1x 60+ rated card. Gold Tier 1 WL Pack contains one 80+ rated card and two 75+ rated cards, it’s lucrative too.

Buy Cheap Madden 18 Coins for the competitive Weekend League competition is the best choice for new gamers. There’re numerous of veteran of Madden series, how could you compete with them if you don’t have enough coins? A decent squad is the key point of success. Keep following us for most timely Madden 18 Guide. 

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