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Metro Exodus was continuing from the previous game, Metro Last Light

Metro Exodus is an occasionally open world first person shooter. It's the third game in the Metro series, which is based on a series of novels. While the previous Metro games spent a lot of time in the titular metro (though you did wander outside more in sequel Last Light) you will spend a lot (if not most) of your time outside in Exodus.

Metro Exodus extends the adventures of Artyom with the events continuing from the previous game, Metro Last Light. The opening prologue is a sheer genius with the way it tries to set up the mood and tone of the story. It uses a train ride purely as a symbolic representation of the journey of humanity from the start of this nuclear war that led to humanity’s destruction and death of more than 7 billion humans, to the extinct remaining population struggling to survive in this brutal nuclear-infested world.

Abandoning the Metro isn’t just a narrative hook for expanding the horizons of the series’ design, it’s a metaphor for abandoning the style and design of the original games. Unlike previous games, you aren’t constantly managing your resources in a cruel task of survival. Bullets no longer see a dual purpose as currency, instead crafting materials replace everything and they litter every corner of the game world. Instead of holding out against increasingly difficult challenges whilst desperately clinging to ammo for health and upgrades, Exodus always gives you enough materials to progress, upgrade and stock up on bullets.

This provides 4A's meticulous environment designers with much larger canvas, and they paint a world stunning in its devastation. You can almost feel the chill in the air around the Volga as you explore abandoned trainyards and navigate a creaking rowboat through a half-submerged village. At one point, a storm loomed on the horizon like a wall of black smoke. It spent 20 minutes slowly scudding forward before finally assaulting me with lashing rain and gusting winds.

Metro Exodus is open world flavored, but doesn’t stay open world the entire time. Instead, when you and your group come across a new point of interest to explore, you usually have a new open map to run around and explore. These open world sections are varied in their environments: you have frozen wastes, deserts, verdant forests and wet swamplands. Each of these locations usually has enemies unique to it—something suited to their specific environment. The further you get from Moscow on your journeys, the more you’ll run into different creatures. Those open world sections are punctuated by more linear sections you will be familiar with if you’ve played the other games in the Metro series.

Metro Exodus places a strong emphasis on the story so there is a lot of dialogue, narration, and even quick-time events that take control of action from the player. Fortunately, it is not that big of a deal because the story is pretty good and will keep you engaged with its plot twists. The characters will quickly grow closer as you spend time with them, and character development is given special attention with some great writing.

Metro Exodus does have some moments that save the game from being a horrendously disappointing follow up to the greatness of Last Light. One mission tasks you with exploring an underground military bunker where mutated insects thrive. Unlike other enemies, light is their weakness. You’ll have to carefully manage the charge of your headlamp whilst moving through the dark corridors to make it through safely. It’s a truly tense and well-designed mission—one of three throughout the entire game.

Each location offers players its own unique challenges, enemies and conditions, in addition, each of them has an important influence on the plot. Nevertheless, Metro is not S.T.A.L.K.E.R., therefore it is impossible to move back and forth through the locations - Artyom can only move forward in the story, therefore it is impossible to return to previous locations. Buy cheap Metro Exodus Accounts at would give you a chance to enjoy its progress even more. Check out our site to purchase PS4 account for the game. It's an easy process, which would never take you more than 10 minutes.

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