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Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team Experiences Sharing

This Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team Special Guide will inform all of our buyers:

1. How to start;

2. How to level up;

3. How to earn coins;

4. How to win more;

At first, this guide should include an introduction part for those who just attend in the game or about to attend in the game. The Ultimate Team of Madden 18 is a special online mode of this game, in which players are exist in card form, tradable and un-upgradable. Check Best Player List Here. Players are divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Players above 80 overall rating are Elite Player. Players have 60 to 69 rating are divided into Silver category. And 70 to 79 rated players are Gold. There’re also special event card such as TOTM series, TOTS series, MOTM series, and so on.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Tips.jpg

So when you know what’s the UT mode is right? The Ultimate Team mode is hard to dominate since there’s already numerous of gamers attended in it. But we can still master it gradually by a scientific method. Our tip is: Save your coins for an elite player, reduce the transfer times. Every single elite player can be used to the end of the game, so buy every position player once only will be enough, that’s the most economic method to upgrade your squad. Although the initial stage will be tough, but your progress will be boost ten times when you’ve already get two or three of them.

Field Goal is one of the three major method of American football, but it’s hard to master compared with Touchdown and safety. In Madden 18, your ball’s flying trace is visible before you kick off. By adjusting the kicking power and orientation, the trace line will be changed correspondently. Kick when the power meter reaches to the top end. Remember the better your kicker is, the more chance for you to make a perfect kick. Strength and accuracy are the most important two stats for a kicker.

MUT 18 Guide.jpg

In order to make more Madden 18 Coins to buy Best Madden 18 players, we have three suggestions for you. First is save your coins and never buy players by compulsion. This isn’t to say you can’t do trades to make profits, you can buy underpriced players and resell in higher price. But never by a player which is rare but not match for the by now price. Second tip is buy an elite player is better than split the cost for several normal player. This video game cannot simulate 100% authentic gameplay of the sport, so teamwork isn’t as important as individual ability here. Buy an elite and let him stay along with you to the Madden 19. Last but not least, Never use in-game cash shop, buy cheap coins from We offer much more cheaper MUT 18 Coins for PS4 & Xbox gamers with player auction. It’s safe and untraceable for anti-cheats system.

We’ll continue our Tutorial next time, remember we’re the best Madden 18 Coins store on this planet. 

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