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Madden Mobile Best Awareness Players

Players in Madden Mobile are divided into several types according to their stats, sometimes one player may features more than one prominent stats simultaneously, but which is more important for him? So the same rated players may differ vary in details. For instance, there’s a 85 rated QB with 82 throw power and 90 juking, and a 83 rated QB with 90 throw power and 78 juking, which one is better? Of course the former one! But if you only pay attention to the overall rating, you’ll miss a bird.

Today we’d like to talk about something about most stats for every position in Madden Mobile, no matter if you’re Madden 18 gamer, it’s in same mechanism. Let’s start with quarterback for its importance for the team.

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Quarterback takes charge of initializing an offense, communicate with coach and inform strategy to members. They can throw ball to nearly any position players or rushing by himself. Those who are expert in both rushing and passing called dual-threat quarterback. So it’s obvious that Throw Power, Throw Accuracy, and Speed are their most important stats in Madden Mobile. However, their Awareness need to be excellent too. Representative: Tom Brady.

Wide Receiver perform the command of QB to make offense. A good WR should get rid of opponents tackler before a receiving. They often need to break through from tight defensive line to make a touchdown. So, elusiveness, route running, catch in traffic, and awareness are their most important stats. Representative: DeAndre Hopkins

Halfback is always the most scored player in football match, they often placed at the bottom of the offense formation. So they are the most tiring position on the pitch. So elusiveness, trucking, run vision, and juke move are the most important stats for them. Representative: LeSean McCoy.

Tight End always plays in a hybrid position with the characteristics and roles of both an offensive lineman and a wide receiver. Catch in traffic is a key stat for your tight end, as they'll usually be running rights in the crowd of defenders. Awareness is also important, helps with both catching the ball and knowing which defenders to block in run plays. Speed, needless to say, is important for the versatile position. Representative: Zach Ertz.

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Offensive Lineman who features decent blocking, strength and serviceable awareness will tell you how effectively your lineman can block for, and also for how long they can hold the opposing player off. Decent awareness stat helps them to predict all potential risks and tacklers, and helps to block them before they reach your QB. Representative: Jackson Johnson.

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