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Madden 18 How to Choose A Decent Quarterback?

Quarterback is a position in football game, plays an role of leader for a team when in defense. The job of QB is to make up a defense to encounter the touchdown offense, so a reliable quarterback needs profound vision and judgment of the big picture. In modern American football games, the qb is usually the leader of the offense part.


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I haven’t credited any single poster for this one because it’s something suggested by everyone, everywhere. The switch to Battlefield's Frostbite engine, mirroring a move FIFA made last year and confirmed during EA’s January conference call to investors, is unlikely to transform the game on a genetic level. Yet from a visual standpoint it has the potential to comprehensively enhance the just-like-being-there experience.

Your player would get drafted, attend press conferences, and make small yet impactful career decisions. Decisions such as star in a movie, ask for more money, and demand a trade were all options in the old game mode. Many Madden players would like to see a game mode similar to the old one brought back into the series.

Announcers Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis help to immerse you in the story of the season by highlighting the playoff hunt, recapping previous games, and announcing weekly award winners. You’ll also hear Brandon and Charles discuss when an offensive player passes a certain yardage threshold in either rushing, passing, or receiving.

The reason this play works so well so close to the end zone is that it confuses the defense with your primary and underneath receivers running basically the same route -- and your secondary receiver running a mirrored slant route across both of those routes coming into the middle. On top of that, you've also got a HB coming out of the backfield into the corner of the end zone.


It was hard to choose between the Falcons and the Raiders but ultimately it came down to the age of the quarterback. Derek Carr is 26 years old and predicts to be around this league for a long time. This was a hard list to compile. There are a lot of up and coming teams in the league right now as the waters are changing. These are the three teams who had cornerstone pieces that will help them be good for a long time and that will be obvious in Madden 18 franchise mode.

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