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Madden 18 Frostbite Engine EA Masterpiece Debut

Do you know the Madden NFL 18 seasons are just as popular as NFL seasons among football fans. Quit watching football live stream and join us in the Madden NFL 18 furious competition now! You can either play the game on Xbox One or PS4, you can also play the mobile edition of Madden 18 on your Android or iOS devices. As the 2017-18 season is undergoing now, why not experience the world’s best football simulation video game? You can act as your favorite team in the franchise mode as you like, or to play the story mode to take charge of your unique avatar to experience the real life in National Football League.


Madden NFL 17 injected freshness into the series after years of depression, earning a deserved four-star rating from GR. But with Super Bowl 51 committed to the history books, fans are already looking towards next season, and ways in which the wily veteran can once more be made to feel young again. Here, then, are 11 improvements which would take Madden 18 to the next level, curated from the best fan suggestions across forums and social media.

Stay fresh with what’s going on around the league with commentary related to other games in progress that appears in the bottom ticker. As you progress past year one, you will start hearing lines for drafted players that deepen your immersion as you advance into your Franchise. To go along with the new drafted player commentary, Franchise more frequently generates last names with audio.

And since most defenses play some type of zone coverage in the red zone, you need a secondary defender (who's crossing from the right of the field to left just inside the end zone) finding holes in the coverage. If you've been gashing your opponent with the running game or you're in an obvious running down inside the red zone, change things up with a play-action pass like PA Flood.

The Falcons had a phenomenal season last year obviously as they made the super bowl against the New England Patriots. Although they lost, they have a lot to look forward to and will be a forceful group to use on Madden 18. Not to mention, Desmond Trufant can play at an elite level when healthy. The Falcons also recently added Defensive Tackle Dontari Poe who will figure to provide a nice push up the interior of the defensive line which in the end will help the Outside Linebacker’s get to the QB.

The sometimes forgotten about and underrated Sam Bradford ended the year with an 82 overall rating. He certainly has the potential to bring that number up after the team has done a great job of providing him with receivers. Adam Thielan is relatively unknown, but he ended the year rated a solid 82 next to Stefon Diggs who’s overall is 84. TE Kyle Rudolph will also give your opponents headaches on defense.


Another new way to make precise pass is Target Passing, which may appeal to the more advanced crowd. Thankfully it's completely optional, and I suspect most will choose to go without it or utilize it selectively. Hitting the left trigger activates it, at which point the QB can no longer move. The user then selects a receiver icon and uses the stick to place the ball where they want it to land. The receiver icon is then hit again to make the throw.

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