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Let's Focus Back on Gameplay of NBA 2K18

Video games attracts gamers in various of ways, some for graphics, or content, while others keen on the function of network social contact with friends. And there’s a misunderstanding in gameplay, that is the recognition towards the team’s overall rating. Sometimes you may find that your final defeat was due to the lack of rating of your players, if your point guard can run a little bit faster, if your penalty was a little bit accurate, if… Sure if your stats were better than it were, you can defeat that opponent most likely. But when you defeat more and more opponents online, you will meet higher rating opponents as result. And you finally lose again due to the stats deficiency.


By customizing your unique looking avatar in NBA 2K18 will provide you a personally feeling gameplay. The arenas look the part, and these are some of the best crowds to hit the digital arenas in years. For many fans, it is all about seeing the improvement on a year-to-year basis. Miller is one of many who confirms this makes the cut while assigning the game 4.5 stars. As implied in the intro, 2K Games made it a mission to provide a boost to other game modes besides franchise and an individual player's journey. In this mode players take control of a former player thrust into a front office role, which allows them to see all the behind-the-scenes action that goes into trades, the draft and beyond.

On the way to 99 overall rating, you might want to become a starter on your NBA team so you can secure more VC and playing time from each game. More playing time means you’ll be getting more opportunities to do good things on the court. If you’re playing on Pro, the game becomes a lot easier so you will have more opportunities to do good things. Don’t go around rapidly calling for the ball or putting up terrible shots and you’ll surely come home with a great teammate rating every game.

2K support is likely crushed down, but be sure to file a ticket just in case 2K can’t restore the VC or your MyPlayer. Though it’s probable they’ll give a bunch of extra VC out to people if they can’t correct the problem, and likely update everyone at once. There were massive problems with the first NBA 2k game released on Xbox One and PS4, NBA 2k14, that plagued the game throughout its release.


Pistol Pete is the only proud thing for this team, and if you want to use this team, be prepared to run everything through Maravich. If I haven’t explained it clearly enough, this is how bad this team is: Maravich is rated 87, Hudson is rated 86. Then you have a 20 points gap of Mark Eaton’s. Then you have the rest of the roster.

NBA 2k18 looks to be a wonderful suite of basketball features and gameplay modes, from incredible graphics to a new story based GM experience. But if you cannot earn VC, and keep the entire game falls apart. When you think about it, the fact you can buy VC outside of the in-game economy and use it in-game to get better, faster, is possibly the first time Steroids have been introduced to a sports game. Thus, avoid MyPlayer until the issue has been resolved.  

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