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Incomplete NHL 18 Gameplay Strategy Guide

NHL 18 is the most simulative ice hockey video game in the sports video game industry. If you haven’t joint the fantasy ice hocking competition right now, you shouldn’t be hesitating any more since there’re numerous entrants joining the game everyday. After been powered by Frostbite engine, the game’s graphics, soundtracks, player animation naturalness, modes innovativeness, and durableness. We’d like to instruct you of some unbelievable operations through the following tips.

Offline players will enjoy the game for the greatly improved A.I., which is much better at making smart breakout passes, using dekes to gain free ice, and staying in a proper position. Legacy problems like missed puck pick-ups and being unable to make micro movements in small spaces on defense still frustrate, but overall the gameplay feels strong.


Three also provide another notable gameplay innovation for us, that is the money puck. When this feature is turned on in the options, a random golden or ice blue puck will be used in play. A golden money puck is worth two or even three goals for your team. Meanwhile, an ice blue puck is only worth one goal to your team, but steals one, two, or three goals from your opponent. It’s a true game-changer and means that no one is ever truly out of the game until the final goal horn sounds.

Choose an ability by going to either side on the right stick then press up on the right stick when the referee drops the puck. This will cause your player to lift the opponent's stick, turn around, and pass the puck to a teammate. Once you press the right stick on your controller when the referee drops the puck, this will shoot the puck into the opposing team's zone. This isn't the best faceoff strategy in NHL 18 - but if you have a fast team or are playing with human teammates who are expecting this, your team can try to skate as fast as they can to recover the puck and already be positioned close to the goalkeeper.

Full stick control will be used for defenders even when they are skating forward and backward. You can now be skating on the backcheck, holding your stick out behind you to take away passing options for the puck carrier.To help defenders counter the new moves at the puck handler's disposal, NHL reintroduces a defensive skill stick that lets players hold their stick out and sweep it to take away passing lanes. This becomes another tool in the defender's arsenal along with poke checks, stick lifts, and body checks.


The NHL series has had two great entrances in a column and NHL 18 is shaping up to continue the trend. The gameplay additions make the action more dynamic and seeing the Golden Knights in action so early and being able to tinker with their draft is a treat indeed. The real star of this year’s iteration so far, however, is NHL Threes.

After creating the your team in HUT 18, you go through the same process as the Vegas Golden Knights (as they are still an expansion team in this mode), which includes the expansion draft. This will be the mode that many will take to as the customization options are vast and will have players feel a little more invested in the team they’ve created. What are your thoughts about the Franchise Mode in NHL 18? Let us know in our comment section.

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