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How to Get the Zenith Sword in Terraria

The Zenith sword in Terraria is a weapon released alongside Update 1.4, also called The Journey’s End. It’s the final major update coming to the game with developer Re-Logic moving on to other development projects after it. The team will continue to apply hotfixes and bug patch notes, but no significant content drops. The Zenith sword is a combination of several different swords players can craft as they progress through the game.

The 'Zenith Sword' is a post-Moon Lord (hard mode) weapon that has the ability to break through blocks while swinging around automatically. Players will need to collect a number of different swords throughout the game in order to craft the 'Zenith Sword.' Crafting this weapon is probably the most complex throughout Terraria that requires 16 different items to successfully forge it. There are certain swords that can be simply found during the player's quest, but there are others that'll need to be crafted.

Players will need the following nine swords to craft the Zenith in Terraria 1.4:

    Terra Blade: Crafted by combining True Excalibur and True Night's Edge at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.
    Copper Shortsword: Crafted from seven Copper Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil.
    Starfury: Found on Floating Islands in Skyware Chests and Sky Crates.
    The Horseman's Blade: Drops from the Pumpkin Moon event boss Pumpking.
    Star Wrath: 11% chance to be dropped by the Moon Lord.
    Enchanted Sword: Obtained by breaking the background sword sprites found in Enchanted Sword Shrines.
    Influx Waver: 11% chance to be dropped by Martian Saucer in the Martian Madness event.
    Seedler: 14% chance to be dropped by Plantera.
    Meowmere: 11% chance to be dropped by the Moon Lord.

Quite clearly, fans that want Terraria's new final sword have their work cut out for them, as they will need to tackle Hardmode and farm a variety of bosses in this adventure game. That said, players that do put in the effort will be rewarded with a weapon with 193 melee damage, 18% critical strike chance, average speed, and strong knockback. While this is a lower base damage than Meowmere, it is indicated that Terraria's Zenith is more powerful. If you want to know where to buy Terraria Accounts, will be your best choice.

The sword requires players to participate in multiple facets of the game to obtain it. The developers believe it to be more powerful than Meowmere, which has the highest base damage in the game.

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