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How To Get Sharp Scale In Wild Hearts

Players can travel fantastical and dreamy environments while fighting foes and dodging obstacles in the fast-paced action game Wild Hearts, which features a vivid stylized design and pop synth soundtrack. In Wild Hearts, players must gather various components, such as sharp scales to enhance their weapons and armor, which they can get from lesser Kemono monsters scattered across the environment. With the aid of this article, players can learn how to obtain Sharp Scale in Wild Hearts and prepare an adequate number of Wild Hearts Accounts for the game.


How to Get Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts

If you don't know where to seek, it might be difficult and exhausting to find your next prey, especially because his prey are the source of the substance. As you complete Chapter 3 in Wild Hearts, you can begin getting Sharp Scales from Tiny Kemono. Sharp Scale is necessary to enhance your weapons in time for Amaterasu's return.


The Shardshower Monitor and the Nightshade Monitor are two little creatures that acquire razor scales upon defeat. These Kemonos have various spawn points, although using the detailed map view when exploring the environment increases the likelihood that players will find them. Although either monitor can be seen in Wild Hearts locations that are accessible via quick travel, the Little Kemono Filter aids in their discovery.


While Fuyufusagi Fortress serves as the Shardshower Monitor's natural home, it is understood that in order to visit this location, players must have completed Chapter 3. Players have access to several sites where they can discover Sharp Scales since shardshowers, an invasive species, can occasionally be discovered on Natsukodachi Isle. As opposed to this, Nightshade Monitor may occasionally be seen in Harugasumi Way and Akikure Canyon.


Despite the fact that these Kemono are less threatening, it is advised that players at the very least earn more weapons in Wild Hearts to easily defeat these creatures. The Nightshade Monitor features black scales covered with spines, whilst the Shardshower Monitor has a vivid blue bearded dragon-like appearance. If the player leaves the region and comes back to reset the Kemono's spawn rate, they may need to fight these Kemono more than once in order to obtain Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts.


Now, you'll probably revisit these environments in order to find as many Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts as you can. This is due to the fact that you must reset their spawn in order to continue fighting and mining for this resource for crafting and upgrading. There are enough Wild Hearts Standard Edition items available for players to buy.

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