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How To Get A Sword In Roblox Pixel Piece

Swords play a significant role in games like Pixel Piece. A sword is necessary for those who are just beginning with Pixel Piece and wish to level up rapidly. Since Pixel Piece only recently launched on Roblox, many players are having trouble finding a sword in the game. In order to obtain a sword in Roblox Pixel Piece and prepare enough Roblox Robux for the game, players can use this approach.


What are Pixel Pieces?

In the traditional katana game Pixel Piece, you can explore the One Piece universe. Players in this game can gather and improve weapons, carry out quests, and engage in combat. Along with collecting devil fruit, gamers can engage in online combat with other players.


What is the sword in Roblox Pixel Piece?

Players of Roblox Pixel Piece have been waiting for this update for a while, and it is now available in the game. The sword is the best option in Pixel Piece if you're seeking for a strong weapon. This sword is excellent for both wiping out adversaries at a distance and wearing them down when they get too near because to its long-range and sustained damage capabilities.


How to get a sword in Roblox Pixel Piece?

All you have to do to obtain the sword in Pixel Piece is visit the small store on the spawn island and purchase the Classic Katana for 50 gold.

If you choose this route, you can find the shop on the island's left side. When you get to the parrot, continue walking forward from where you spawned and turn left.

After that, turn left again until you get to a fork. Once you turn right, the store's sign should be visible. Step inside the store right away.

Once inside, turn to your left to find vintage katana swords hanging against the shelves. To obtain the sword, engage with it and pay 50 gold.

Simply open the menu and select the inventory option to equip a sword. You can use a sword by clicking on it in your inventory and then choosing it from the shortcut menu at the bottom of the screen.


How to get one sword style?

You must obtain the Sword Style in Roblox Pixel Piece after obtaining the Sword. This is how you acquire Sword Style.


Take the rowboat to Syrup Island now. Southeast of the island where the game begins is where it can be found.

You'll notice a ramp once you're on the island. As you reach the top of the ramp, turn left.

At the end of the path going to the beach, jump off.

There will be a cave on your right when you pass a little corner.

As soon as you enter the cave, an NPC will be waiting for you there.

Contact an NPC and spend 1500 gold to purchase a sword style.


That concludes the tutorial on how to obtain a sword in Roblox Pixel Piece. The sword is a potent weapon that can aid players in swiftly eliminating adversaries, thus players must purchase cheap Roblox Robux from to do so.

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