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How to Contrive Counterattack in NHL 18 Ultimate Team

NHL 18 Ultimate Team is the online game mode of NHL 18, the biggest feast of EA Sports ice hockey. The most immersive NHL video game is not only a simulator of ice hockey on consoles, but also features delicate and life-like strategies and close teamwork between the players on the rink. There’re also slow motion playback after every single goals, cameras will focus on the scorers and goalie’s facial expressions and celebrating actions. Benefit from Frostbite engine, the rink light reflection effect is as real as rink ice IRL. Profession clubs like Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, and Detroit Red Wings etc. train their teamwork by this game as well. Today our topic of the essay mainly aims at the strategy embodied in the game.

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Pull the puck back on your forehand then instead of just tapping LB(L1) like you would of in NHL 17 you need to hold it and then pull the right stick across to the opposite corner. The control bar movement is almost identical to that of the movement you want your in-game stick to make. Back to a deep position then pulled back across your body.

On defense, you have a handful of options to force turnovers. You can poke check your adversary, you can lift their stick, or block their shots and passes with your body. The tutorial taught me how to do both poke checks and stick lifts, but under pressure, I could only ever remember how to do poke checks. I was going to that move over and over again, and the CPU-Controlled opponent was compensating for that. I wanted to try lifting the stick, but I couldn’t remember the button to do it.

In addition, HUT has partner challenges where you can play with a friend. As with the solo challenges, I suggest playing all of these after solo challenges before playing a real game. If you find there’re pieces of challenges that requires more you can do currently, I’ve got a tip for you too. Go to the settings in the main menu and then the gameplay sliders. Turn down the CPU settings to bottom line and the human ones up to 100.

I can’t stress the following enough, stay between your net and the puck. Unless you are down to the last minute and need a goal, you don’t want to take any risks to cause a turnover. Furthermore, unless you are 100% comfortable and have mastered controlling all positions, stick to controlling one player and let the computer play the other positions.

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