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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock the House Chest

There are a lot of challenging objectives and riddles in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as several encounters that leave players perplexed. Each of the four houses has a unique gift waiting for players at Hogwarts Legacy's entryway. Players will see the House Chest once Battle Night at Hogwarts is finished. 16 house tokens must be located in order to open this chest, but finding them requires first unlocking the magic. In order to obtain the Academy Chest in Hogwarts Legacy, players must buy enough Hogwarts Legacy Accounts in the game. This article will explain how to do so.


How to Open a House Chest

You'll notice a prominent chest with a slot in the top as soon as you enter the new common room after being sorted into the old Hogwarts house. Anyone who discovers 16 Daedalian keys will receive a special reward from this house chest. Once the key is located, it will open the appropriate cabinet. It will then hover directly in front of the cabinet. The player must press the Flying Key as it flies up to the keyhole in order to unlock the cabinet and obtain a House Token for their House Chest in Hogwarts.



Daedalian key location

A total of 16 magically endowed keys that can fly around and open locked cabinets are hidden throughout the school and must be found by players. Each of these chests contains a house token that is required to access the player's house chest, which is situated in the common area. In fact, every important site is the same for all houses, so this advice is applicable to Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin players alike.


Here are the Daedalian key locations:


Simply follow the quest markers from the key to the astronomy classroom to reach the astronomy tower.

A massive skeletal monstrosity is on display downstairs in the classroom's hallway, the Dark Arts Defense Tower.

Central Hall: Next to a puzzle door, close to the corridor leading to the classroom for potions.

North Hall: The key opens the cabinet and descends a flight of stairs just before Earth, past the Transformation Court.

Courtyard: On the west side of the stairs leading to the courtyard, close to the Levioso statue, is where players can find this chest.

Library: Located close to few benches and to the right of the back wall.

Potions Classroom: The key leads directly to the cabinet in the basement, which is next to the Potions Classroom.

Hall: After moving two steps to the right after entering via the main door, a set of stairs with a cabinet at the top may be seen.

Grand Stairs: Behind an hourglass that keeps track of home points are additional stairs at the bottom of the first flight.

Entrance Hall: The player can access the massive Hogwarts coat of arms by using the key discovered between the Great Hall and the central courtyard. From there, they can descend the stairs to the next chest.

Dungeon: In the north hall, behind the door at the bottom of the stairs, is where you'll find the first dungeon cabinet. At the entryway, turn left to find the chest close to the statue of the sleeping dragon. The player can turn left to see the next chest behind the storage room after passing through the dungeon's first chest.

Bell Tower: The stairs take the player to the cabinet, which leads all the way to the key, through a locked door where the Dueling Club congregates.

Academy Building: The key is left on the top level, and the cabinet is under the stairs in front of the main gate.

The player can locate another chest on the left side of the central hall after navigating the Floo flames. Then, they can climb the stairs to the right to find the key.

Clock Tower: A flight of stairs will take you to a wooden door with a key in the Clock Tower Courtyard.


While finishing Hogwarts Legacy's primary tale may take some time, there are several options for players to broaden their search. In the game, players can gather enough Hogwarts Legacy Accounts to aid in buying new gear.

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