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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Climb the Battlements of Highhold

Once you've played Hogwarts Legacy for a while, you'll ultimately be able to access the 27th main mission, "The High Keep," which involves you and Natty infiltrating one of Harlow's lairs. Your objective is to scale the battlements and reach the rooftops in this location, but the High Keep as a whole is more of a conundrum. With the help of this tutorial, players of Hogwarts Legacy will be able to prepare enough Hogwarts Legacy Account to climb the castle walls.

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How to Climb the Castle Walls in Hogwarts Legacy

To locate proof against Harlow on the Hogwarts campus, players must ascend Highhold. Go to the far right of the castle wall to begin climbing. A wooden platform is propped up against the castle wall. Turn left; a device is next to the door. To open the gate, apply Depulso to the opener. The entrance will stay open. The chest inside the door should then be moved back to the cracked wall the player initially climbed up using the Accio or Wingardium Leviosa spell.


Place the boxes in front of a different climbing wall. To advance to the next level, jump first on the boxes and then on the wall. Players may need to reposition the box until they jump high enough to activate the climbing skill if they don't immediately climb the wall since Hogwarts Legacy can have some problems with this portion of the quest. A smart technique to troubleshoot is to turn the crate over on its side so that it is just a little bit higher.


The player can then use Depulso or a comparable spell to destroy the wooden wall blocking the subsequent entry. When the player enters, they will find another mobile wooden box in their path. Sadly, in Hogwarts Legacy, spells cannot be cast in a crouching position, therefore the crate must be moved. Turn around and enter the building from the back. On the other side, there is a window through which the chest can be seen. Pull the window-mounted container away from the crawl space with the Accio. Enter the Gatehouse after going back to the crawl space.


It can be a little challenging to keep the gate open. The player may view a mechanism near the door gear and another in the top center of the door using Revelio. The gate can be opened by using Depulso on the gear system, but it will swiftly close again. Arresto Momento can slow it down, but for the right timing, it requires the right mix of spells from Hogwarts Legacy.


Players must create an adequate number of Hogwarts Legacy Account in the game to aid in completing the High Keep quest in order to climb the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy.

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