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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Spell Combos

Approximately 34 spells are available for players to learn in Hogwarts Legacy through both the main story quests and side quests, but since only four spells can be used simultaneously in combat, some of these spells interact with one another, and for best results, some combinations are superior to others. These distinctive secrets are better utilized in other combinations. The best spell combination in Hogwarts Legacy will be explained in this guide. To help create the best spell combination, players must purchase an inexpensive Hogwarts Legacy Account.


Best Spell Combos In Hogwarts Legacy


Although players can use any spell to defeat adversaries, they must use a few particular combos to do so as rapidly as possible or at the very least keep enemies out of the way. The tremendous damage and crowd control that these spells offer assist players keep up with the fast-paced battle in fighting games.


Disillusionment Charm + Petrificus Totalus Combo

Disillusionment Charm is a utility spell that enables players to blend into their surroundings. This magic aids in stealth against numerous foes as it prevents detection while moving covertly around, making the combination quite straightforward. The Petrificus Totalus spell's Essential variant, when used on weaker foes, permanently chains them, removing them from any possible conflict before it even begins. Although active combat has its role as well, stronger opponents suffer less damage and may be temporarily stunned. Prior to the major combat, players should combine Petrificus Totalus with Disillusionment to reduce the number of enemies.


Protego + Stupefy + Control/Force spell

This combination is only meant to be used defensively, although it also works well to keep players away from exceptionally obnoxious foes. When power or control spells are added to the Protego and Stupefy spells that players learn in the game's prologue, they have the ideal front line of defense. Here, Depulso, Descendo, Flipendo, and even Glacius are the most effective spells to utilize. Battles can be concluded more swiftly by using Depulso and Flipendo to knock opponents from tremendous heights. Upgrading the power or control spell of your choice before using this combo will frequently benefit you and increase the spell's usefulness overall.


Levioso + Accio + Depulso

This control combination works best in one-on-one encounters with smaller adversaries who are susceptible to control spells since it allows you to juggle enemies for as long as possible. Depending on the enemy's shields, you can start your combo with either Accio or Levioso; choose whichever is simpler. Following their first Defense Against the Dark Arts course, players learn the control spell Levioso. It dismantles yellow shields and raises foes off the ground, leaving them exposed. As Accio's Force spell draws adversaries to the player for a rapid follow-up assault or into a risky region of the field for easy damage, Levioso is important for resolving several challenges in Hogwarts Legacy.


This concludes our comprehensive guide to using the finest spell combinations in Hogwarts Legacy. If you're ready to start using all the spells right away, you can purchase as many Hogwarts Legacy Account as you need to complete the game.

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