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Here are some cheats and tricks for Kingdom Warriors

Kingdom Warriors is pretty tough game to describe. Despite the fairly generic name, this offering from Snail Games has some pretty unusual features. At its core, it’s essentially a MMORPG that sees you adventuring across a sprawling landscape of heroes and enemies. However, the game also deploys some interesting real-time strategy elements.

This mobile game Kingdom Warriors is a role-playing game. In such games, your concentration stays on your character or some small party group limited to five in number. With this mobile gaming app Kingdom Warriors, you can control the chunk of your army. With our cheats and tricks for Kingdom Warriors, you would be able to master this game. By following these tips drafted by our expert gamers, you will become a skillful fighter in Kingdom warriors.

General Tips and Tricks

    Login daily for your free reward of silver and gold currency.
    Link your Facebook account and share your achievements as a mean to gather free gold and resources. Make a second Facebook account if you don’t want to spam your feed.
    Grab your Daily Missions. You can collect a lot of rewards like xp and silver from this area.
    Constantly check the Events board for rewards from completing in game task.
    If you want to spend money on the game, go for Benefit Card or the Annual 365 Card for the best value investment
    Check out “The Almighty”, “The All Powerful” and “The All Knowing” player statues to see the best gear stats, and to worship one for rewards.
    Set your graphical settings in System under Effects if the game is lagging.
    Your Skills and Generals can only go as high as your character is in Levels.
    Try to 3 star clear stages so you can collect the completed campaign/chapter rewards.

The game's AI is pretty decent. You can see that the generals you assign in your formations would focus primarily on the units in front of you. But instead of just focusing on doing auto attacks, the AI immediately unleashes their skills to maximize. They’re efficient and effective enough that you won’t ever find yourself micromanaging their ineffectiveness in the midst of battle, whether in PvE or PvP. The AIs know their job and will viciously perform it.

The graphics are absolutely fabulous thanks to Kingdom Warriors’use of the U3D engine. Lush environments are rendered in gorgeous 3D, making the battlefield really come alive. However, this may make it a bit too much for older devices. To make things even better, the game will soon support cross-platform play.

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