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Guide: How to Farm NBA Live 18 Coins Faster

NBA Live 18 Coins is the main currency of the world’s best basketball simulation video game, developed and published for Xbox and PS4 by EA Sports on 15 September 2017. The tough job for it was to capture market share from NBA 2K18’s hand and rebuild the empire on the map. The comeback of NBA Live 18 is a good news for even NBA 2K18’s gamer, because the pressure from NBA Live 18 rang the alarm bell for 2K18’s developer to inform them to continue providing best gameplay feeling and balanced in-game cash shop items.

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Focus on Your Current Team

A stable lineup make possibility for you to get familiar with your players on the pitch. Unless you have enough coins, perhaps you spent lots of money in the game, you won’t have enough coins to make decent upgrade constantly. By upgrade your player by one or two overall rating won’t make your squad stronger obviously, and the cost during the trade can be considerable high as EA will take 5% tax and the deficit brought about by buyer’s market. So only buy new cards once you get enough NBA Live 18 Coins for a real elite. If you can understand this tip you may give up the idea of earning more coins in the game and you do not need to read to rest of this article.

Improve Your Gameplay Is Everything

Nothing is more important than skills in NBA Live 18. Imagine if you can beat top player by your 80s rated team, will you eager for higher rating players so urgent? If you can beat higher tiers opponents, you can earn more rewards for each games and you may emerged as the best in every events or challenges. The fact is, most of top players not only have good squad, but also goo gameplay.

Do Not Sell Your Legend for Coins

Sometime we got a legend from packs, events, or any other ways, you may think: one legend won’t save me from abyss, will I sell it for five elites? That’s totally wrong idea for you to do this, you may lose the only chance to gain a legend for your squad. But if you add it to your squad, you will be more confidence even if you’re facing powerful opponents. Maybe one 96 rated card equals to five 90 rated cards, but the 96 rated card will make a hit to save you from desperation.

Login the Game Everyday

This is out of two considerations. On the one hand, you won’t miss any rewards or giveaways from official, you know the login reward pack is lucrative. On the other hand, you won’t lose passion for the game by login everyday. Although quit the game is the best way to get rid of those annoying questions, but I know many of you are playing with friends, so it’s hard to leave your friends alone in the game.

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