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Genshin Impact: New leaks from patch 1.1

Genshin Impact Account Buy A few weeks after the arrival of update 1.1 miHoYo has published a long message on the official website to announce what will be the main news of the first major update of Genshin Impact.

If you are not one of those who farm them fiercely know that it is a mistake because in addition to earning you a lot of adventure experience to level up you have every interest in increasing your gauge. endurance (the one you use to climb cliffs swim or run for a long time). By farming Geoculus and Anemoculus you make it rise. In short it must be done but it is very unpleasant and long because these little things are sometimes well hidden or perched ... as you wish ...

With a more than successful launch Genshin Impact has every interest in coming up with new things soon so that players stay hooked on this open world in free to play. If you would like to discuss Genshin Impact we invite you to join us on our Discord server.

The most important change coming is Resin which is the resource that recharges automatically over time and similar to the energy of many free to play smartphones and tablets Cheap Genshin Impact Account allows the player to complete complex tasks and obtain rare materials for the upgrading of heroes and weapons. With version 1.1 the maximum amount of Resin that can be accumulated from 120 to 160 moreover the weekly objective of the Battle Pass will be to spend a total of 1,200 units of Resin and no more 1,600 considered excessive by many users. Another topic touched on in the official post is that of the Artifacts whose menus are rather difficult from the point of view of navigation: soon the developers will introduce filters that will allow you to highlight all the objects with a certain parameter and a small icon will allow us to understand immediately which character is using that Artifact.

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