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Genshin Impact: How To Complete The Perfect Sandstorm Achievement

Genshin Impact is an exploration game with a number of hidden achievements to be unlocked. The perfect sandstorm is one of the new Genshin Impact hidden accomplishments that HoYoverse added in the most recent 3.4 version. The traveler must go to the northern portion of the desert and stay there for a bit until a sandstorm hits him in order to perform this feat. The perfect sandstorm achievement in Genshin Impact is explained in detail for players in this guide. In the game, players must also buy enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.


How to complete the perfect sandstorm achievement in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's perfect sandstorm hidden achievement can only be unlocked by walking through one in the brand-new Hadramavis desert region. Sandstorms happen at random, so if you're new to the area, be aware that there is no set time or location to complete this award.


The simplest way to do it is to saunter through the Hadramavis desert region's open spaces and look for a sandstorm. When you're finished, walk or slide into it to complete the Perfect Sandstorm achievement. In reality, five Primogems will be awarded to you for your work.


Complete the requirement "We're heading straight for atmospheric hell" to receive the Perfect Sandstorm achievement. You will need to brave the Hadramaut Desert's violent sandstorms to do this. During the hurricane, the surrounding area had virtually little visibility. Be ready for unforeseen battles if you unintentionally run into monsters in the storm. There are occasionally storms in the area, which makes it harder to see while exploring. The map's appearance indicates that the storm has begun because it becomes cloudier and darker as the storm progresses. It is more likely to enter the center of the cyclone the closer you are to Mount Damavand. However, the wind can suddenly pick up anywhere in the Hadramavi Desert.


Just stroll or slide into a sandstorm when you see one. The achievement is given to you automatically if you are close to a sandstorm. Sandstorms will decrease your visibility, thus carrying a Jinni in a magic bottle will be quite helpful in this situation. In order to find Jenny, you must finish the Bilkis' Dirge questline if you don't already have it in Lilupar in the Bottle. You will receive an achievement and 5 Primogems as payment.



Sandstorm Tips

Reduced visibility

You have very little visibility when there is a sandstorm. There are no debuffs that may lower your character's numbers, but desert exploration may be challenging.


Gadgets to Improve Visibility

When touring the Hadramavis Desert, Jinni from the Magic Bottle Gadget is useful. Liloupar is obtainable through the Bilqis' Dirge quest.


We hope you can successfully complete the Perfect Sandstorm achievement according to the above guide, players can also buy cheap Genshin Impact Top Up in to help complete the Perfect Sandstorm achievement.

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