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For Honor will commemorate its third anniversary with the Peace Festival

For Honor is celebrating an in-game event called the “Peace Festival” with a competition called “Carousel of Death.” Convoluted tale, I’ll admit, but it all ties into the lore for the new year and season For Honor just launched. And anyway, the real celebration is the game’s third anniversary, so Ubisoft Montreal is bringing back a fan-favorite mode to the playlist from now until Feb. 27.

Carousel of Death is a 4v4 elimination game type in which every death adds five seconds to a player’s respawn time. When all four of one team are dead at the same time, the other team wins the match. Ubisoft Montreal is livening up the first week of festivities with Carousel of Fire, a further variant which brings flaming geysers to the arena. Buy cheap For Honor Accounts via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

This in-game event brings a variation of the fan-favorite limited-time game mode Carousel of Death. The first time a player dies in this 4v4 Elimination game mode, they return to life five seconds later, but each subsequent death adds five seconds to respawn time. Victory is achieved when all opponents are dead at the same time. During the first week of the anniversary event, Carousel of Fire will add an additional twist with damage boosts and flaming geysers in the arena.  Players will get to experience another twist to this game mode, yet to be revealed, in the second week of the event.  During this rare time of festivities in the world of For Honor, the game map will be dressed up with details alternating as the event progresses. This includes fireworks, a live crowd with musicians and, for the first time ever, original fan art banners from the For Honor community.

The Honor Games event also brings a wealth of themed loot and event-specific additions to the game, including a new Battle Outfit, Ornament and Effect, as well as brand-new Instrument Emotes available for all Heroes. All event loot and content is available in the “Honor Games” Bundle until 2nd March for 30,000 Steel.

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