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FIFA old bug is back in FIFA 17? Check here and learn how to deal with it

Recently it’s said that the FIFA old bug is back in FIFA 17? Do you know what it is? Have you had this problem? FIFA old Bug - Non-inform players receiving the rating and stats of Inform Players in the opposite team. In other words, if you have an inform in your team, then opponent the normal version, then the normal version also get the stats of the Inform version in the game. 


It’s same issue as the one in 2012. So far the following stuff came up, while playing online friendly matches in FUT with a friend. When SIF Brozovic is on the home team, on the away team the NIF had 88 rating and could do the step over. When NIF Brozovic was on the home team he had 79 rating and the SIF was 85 on the away team, but still could do the step over. When NIF Brozovic played versus the TOTW challenge against SIF Brozovic, he could not do the step over.

We also had NIF koulibaly 82 and Keita Balde 78 in one team, and the TOTT Africa versions 84 and 81 in the other. Their in-game overall ratings did not change for the normal version no matter playing home or away. So maybe overall ratings don't change with MOTM and other versions other than TOTW/ OTW.

If this bug is true and exist, would be dangerous to use IF in the next FIFA 17 FUT Champions Weekend League? Just makes your opponents team as strong, such as Pogba, Kante, Walker. But it is unclear if SBC cards or other versions cards (such as POTM Hazard, Ibrahimovic, TOTT Africa cards) are important, seems at this stage it is only relevant to OTW / IF's. 

Just to be clear "the step over is the move that revealed the Chemgate" To preform it a player needs minimum 86 dribble for the in-game stat. Its preformed while running and then pressing LB. For the ones that do not know you can check the player overall ratings when you go to performance when the game is paused or after the match.

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