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FIFA 18 : PS4 & Xbox Are The Focus On September 29, 2017

The recent FIFA 18 closed beta has given fans a lot of controversy because the selected few people have chosen to try the game from the living room. And dozens of players face the screenshot is clearly from the game test leaked to the Internet.

fifa 18.jpg

Game video on September 29 before the release was reported on the Internet surfaced. Although FIFA 18 closed beta on PS4, Xbox One may be older versions of the game, but still give fans the first experience of the game preferences.

As mentioned above, the final product released in September may be different from the online purchase of the image, so it is worth noting. You can see some of the latest in the gallery below, and the next big announcement will be published in the FIFA 18 demo version.

The date:

EA Sports has not yet determined when to start the demo, although it usually arrives in mid-September.

"In the past few years, EA Sports has been in early September to mid-September to give up their presentation, usually two weeks before the start of the game, we suspect FIFA 18 will be" Day Star Reports ".

"For example, the FIFA 17 show off on September 13, September 27, two weeks after the match. FIFA 16 in accordance with the same model, demonstrated on September 8 arrived, the game was released on the 22nd.

"For FIFA 16, it also follows the same model, the demo was released on September 8, the game played in the shop after two weeks on the 22nd.

"So with FIFA 18 will not be released until September 29, we can assume that the demo will arrive on the latest on September 15th.

The teams:

EA Sports has been allowing players to play FIFA 18 in a variety of different game activities, the following list of these:

Manchester City

Manchester United


royal house Madrid

Madrid Arena


Bayern Munich


Los Angeles Galaxy

Toronto FC

Before the start of the FIFA 18 demo, you can find more information by visiting the FIFA 18, And you'll find all the details about Cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

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